Meet Noah


Meet Noah, Our New Friend in Need!

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This sweet dog, now named Noah, was found tied to a bench right outside our shelter during operation hours. Unfortunately, his former owners didn't come forward or leave any information about him. We have no background on his health, but it's clear he needs help. Noah is very thin and lethargic, and we're unsure if he's sick or how long he's been neglected.

While we're relieved they left him at our shelter, this heartbreaking situation is all too common for animal rescues. Abandoned animals left on our doorsteps are a constant challenge.

The good news is Noah received a full evaluation at the emergency vet. He got fluids, medication, and after some observation, was able to return to our care.

Noah's past is a mystery, and his future uncertain. But one thing is clear: we're dedicated to giving him the care he needs and hoping for the best. We'll keep you updated on his progress.

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Support Noah and Other Animals Like Him