Humane Education

Elmhurst pet parade

Our Humane Education programs are sponsored by Klepacki & Blair Orthodontics.

Our Humane Education Programs offer fun, collaborative, and creative ways for community members to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals and learn how to respect, protect, and understand animals and their special bond with humans.

We offer virtual and in-person (small groups) tours and information sessions to introduce people to our facility, our animals, and the daily work of our staff and volunteers that gets so many animals into loving homes. Contact Lauren Link to schedule a visit. 

Within our Humane Education Program, we also offer a variety of youth volunteer opportunities and summer camps. Young volunteers in our Junior Board have the agency to use their voices, execute their creative ideas, and advocate for animals. Our summer camps have a similar objective. We strive to show young people how to use their individual skills and voices to express their emotions, advocate and care for animals, and treat others with respect. To learn more about all of our youth volunteer programs, visit the Youth Volunteer Opportunities page under the “Volunteer” tab on our website.

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