Adoption Stories



I wanted to let you know that our new kitty is doing awesome! We renamed him Vader and he’s the best. After a week he joined the family full time with free rein of the house. He loves playing and chasing the dog and has established a nice little relationship with our cat. We couldn’t be happier. He’s great with the kids, he likes being picked up, and is a good boy for nail trims. We are just over the moon for him and I thought you all should know  ❤️

Thank you HHS for all you do, this is our second adoption experience (3rd kitty from hhs) and we’re so happy. 



Just checking in after adopting Spooky! He is setting in so perfectly and he is already part of the family! He has his own little room we keep fenced off for him and keep him in while by himself while we’re away, but he usually chooses to hang out with myself or my husband when we’re home! He and our dogs are getting along so well too. We are so grateful to be his forever home :) 


Charlie Ruth

Just wanted to drop a quick note to update you on Chasin.

She decided she liked the name Charlie better so we renamed her Charlie Ruth. She has been an absolute pleasure to nurture and take care of. She is slowly becoming less afraid and nervous of other humans which is great. She has put on some healthy weight and we have been able to get her coat and skin super healthy! Our vet says she’s doing great and we agree! Charlie has just come back from a road trip to SC and TN and she did awesome in the car, visiting new people and making new pup friends. Charlie likes playing with other dogs so we may be visiting soon to let her pick her forever friend out. 

Img 2338

Draco & Remmy

Hi guys,

I wanted to give you an update on the kitten I adopted last weekend and also my first cat I got from you guys in June of last year. Draco (on the left) and Remmy are doing so well together and are inseparable buds, always playing. My first cat seems way less lonely now and is more active throughout the day and has taken on the big brother role with Remmy. Thanks so much for helping me find these two cats. I love them so much!

Img 0914


Hello, my name is Bentley and I was adopted from Hinsdale Hoomane by the two crazy college girls in December. They wanted me to share some photos of my adventures so far in New Orleans. (Here's me and my king cake for Mardi Gras!)

From the humans: We've been loving our days with Bentley! We're past our three-month mark and almost at our three months in New Orleans! Bentley is thriving in his new home. He has made us the happiest college students around. He is improving with crate training and social interactions! Thank you for our fur baby! 

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I can't believe we've had Ace for two months now. He's every bit of a dog that we wanted! A week prior to us adopting him, we had put our beloved dog of 12 years down. I didn't think I'd ever stop crying over her. Ace is just a love bug and it truly warms our hearts! He's helped us more than we ever imagined.

As expected, the first few weeks were trying (we were grieving, he wouldn't come to us or let us pet him, he had no desire to potty train outside). At the end of October, we started obedience classes and he has thrived! Ace will sit, stay, & leave it during class (we're working on all of those at home..LOL!) 

I wanted to say thank you for making the adoption process so easy. I was worried we were going to have to go through weeks if not months of interviews, home visits, and everything else. Ace is such a good dog. He has a way to go as far as obedience, but the love he gives us and the laughs he provides make it well worth it.



We adopted Rex (formerly Drake) from you in July. Rex just celebrated his first birthday so I wanted to share some photos and an update! Rex loves playing with his mice and balls! He also loves playing chase and climbing on the cat trees with our other cat Chelsea! We couldn't have chosen a better kitten to join our family!