Adoption Stories


Thank you and the staff for giving all the animals over the years a second chance.

May 8th was Crush's 8 year anniversary and he's been a real treasure.

One of the reasons I adopted Crush is that I met a couple in an Oak Brook restaurant the last weekend of April 2007, and the wife knew the names of all of the cats at HHS.

While her husband was getting their car she came back to my table and made me promise to visit HHS and adopt a cat. So, I called HHS first thing that Saturday and your staff was amazed that I knew all the names of the cats.

Adopting Crush was the best decision I made that year. Crush has been a great companion and a gentle soul. I'm grateful I bumped into that couple that night.

Teddy Beans and Porkchop

We are absolutely in love with Teddy Beans and Porkchop. They have been home with us for a week now and are adjusting very well!

They love to go outside and when inside their favorite thing to do is look out the windows to see all the action on our street! We are so thankful we found them at Hinsdale Humane Society!


My boyfriend and I adopted a one-year-old Terrier/English Setter mix from your shelter last month. Her original name was Emma but we renamed her Sukie. After the first couple days of shyness, she opened up and showed us her wonderful personality. She's a really playful and happy puppy with a lot of energy, but when we're inside she's still very calm and gentle and loves to cuddle. We have only heard her bark 2 times! She's been very easy to train and seems eager to learn new things. Right now we're trying to help her become a better leash-walker. She loves to go on runs (she runs on a leash better than walks!) and enjoys the forest preserve by our home. Thank you so much for finding her and bringing her into our lives! We couldn't be happier with her - she's found a very loving home.


I adopted my beloved Sebastian (used to be Cinnamon), from you in Jan. 2004. He was 3 yrs. old then. He is now 15 yrs. old & is the love of my life.  We now live in Oklahoma, but I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all you do.


Alice, now known as Ruby, came home to her forever home today. After being spayed yesterday, she was a tired girl tonight. Thank you all at Hinsdale Humane Society for everything. She and I are a great match!

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