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We want to thank your organization for all that you do for the animals. We recently adopted Rocket, a Siberian Husky, and he is so special to us! He has been perfect! He is adapting well to his new home and is bonding with his dog brother Sam. The staff at your organization exceeded all expectations for us as first time adopters, and the service and attention we received was beyond amazing! Thank you for everything!


Nutter Butter

I want to share with the Humane Society this picture of our recently adopted kitten, Nutter Butter fitting into our family. He and our dog Cooper are fast friends! Go figure. 



I took Griswold (formerly Lin Manuel Purranda) to college with me as I am living in a pet friendly apartment. I will say he is truly living his best life. He is the sweetest and most handsome boy there is. Grizzy is very, and I mean VERY vocal. He will tell me exactly how he feels. He also meows when he is running and jumping off my bed or counter, so silly! With his meowing, he also loves attention. I always wake up to him snuggling with me and he will even let me know in his own way when he wants to sit on my lap on the couch. He will also touch my face with his paws when he wants to be fed or when he is trying to get my attention. I included a picture of that! Though his paws have been in the litter box, I think it's so funny and cute. Grizzy is very open and friendly to everyone, and people can get on his good side by giving him scratchies. 

Grizzy's favorite spot is his window perch. He gets to watch the birds fly and can sunbathe. He also loves his rainbow cat cave, he will 'fight' my other cat for it! Some of Grizzy's favorite toys are chirpy toys that make noise, he also likes toys with strings. He is also an avid scratcher. Griz absolutely loves to scratch his scratch board and honestly makes my life easier when I don't need to trim his nails. He is also obsessed with bags. He will climb into any bag and especially loves to take naps in my duffel bag when it's out. He even likes to 'hide' from me and play. He will do his best hiding behind some box (even though I can clearly see him) and then when I walk by, he jumps out and runs like crazy. 

Griz is still a pretty big boy, weighing 15 pounds. I actually did a cat DNA test on him and found out he's mostly Maine Coon, American Shorthair and Ragdoll. He definitely has a lot of the Maine Coon's personality and I think that's why he's a little bit larger. 

Overall, Griswold is a very good boy and I just want to buy him everything!! I included some pictures of him :) 



I just wanted to send you an update on one of my kitties that I adopted from Hinsdale Humane Society 18 years ago. This adorable little guy, formerly known as Rev, now my sweet loving Romeo, is celebrating his 19th birthday tomorrow! He has been the most amazing kitty, a good will ambassador for his multiple kitty brothers, a bunny brother and a puppy sister! He has outlived 2 kitties, and the bunny, but still has one brother and a puppy sister that he lives with. He is in good health for a 19 year old and I hope to have him for awhile longer. We now live in North Carolina, but will always be grateful to  the family who surrendered him and to your organization for adopting him to my family.

Dogdna tilly


Congratulations to our Dog DNA Winner Helen Bernotas and her dog Tilly! It turns out Tilly is 50% Husky, 37.5% German Shepard, 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog, and 100% adorable. 

Here’s what Helen had to say:

We’ve had Tilly  since November and could not be more thrilled with her. She is super smart. She goes for three walks a day and loves hikes in the forest preserves. She loves car rides. She lets us know when it’s time to be fed or walked, I think she can tell time. We’re so fortunate to have found her at Hinsdale Humane Society.



Happy 1st birthday to our four-legged 4th child, Ginger Pup!!

She loves romping with the other dogs at the Dog Park and then coming home to take a “long” nap on the couch. She brings joy and laughter to our days. Thank you Hinsdale Humane Society!



I wanted to send a couple photos and say that Annabelle (who we are now calling Minnie) is doing great! She loves playing with lots of toys and watching our street out the front window. She talks to us a lot and it's so nice having her around.

Thank you so much for working with us! 



I wanted to send you a follow-up on Sprinkles (renamed to Banksy). We LOVE him. He is such a smart, sweet boy with a wonderful personality and temperament. He loves people and other dogs, and has been the hit of our neighborhood! His check-up at the vet went smoothly, and today he got his first haircut. Thank you so much for connecting us and continuing to send resources. We're looking forward to staying in touch and having many years of fun together!



Hard to believe we’ve had Perry for two years already! His favorite things are eating, sleeping, sitting on his cat trees, grooming everyone in the house (this includes people) and being cozy with Hazel our 17 year old cat. Many thanks to everyone at HHS for taking such good care of him before he came home with us! 

Rachel rowdy

Rachel & Rowdy

Rachel came to HHS really scared, not really knowing how be a dog. While in the shelter, Rachel showed interest in Rowdy, so HHS staff paired her with him. Rowdy helped Rachel learn how to be brave.

Rachel and Rowdy were adopted together and they have settled in nicely! A family member made them matching sweaters for winter.

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