Adoption Stories

George Allen

I just wanted to give you an update on Mr. Stripey; who was renamed George Allen (after your awesome staff member Alan!) He has gained 3 pounds since we got him. He has adapted incredibly well. He is lovable, playful and very mischievous! We love him to pieces! He filled a void in our home and we couldn't be happier! This is my second pet from you guys in 25 years! What a blessing!


We adopted Pebbles (puppy) on February 9th. She's growing fast and starting obedience.  She is doing great now. Thanks for your help.


Boomer (aka Max) started off very cautious and lacked confidence. He didn't have much training in the past. The first month, Boomer and Lady (our other dog) wanted nothing to do with each other and avoided each other as much as possible. Then, one Saturday morning, I noticed they were sniffing each other's faces, which they had never done before. I stopped what I was doing and just watched them. They froze for maybe 15 seconds and I thought "This could either end very good or very bad"... that's when they broke into the craziest, funniest, best play I've ever seen any dog engage in.

Since that day, Lady and Boomer have been inseparable. Boomer now knows his basic commands, a few extra tricks, walks wonderfully on a leash, and gets to come to work with me! I work at a dog daycare, so he not only gets to play and socialize with other dogs, but he also has a job (which Border Collies crave)! This dog literally comes into the building ready to work, and his job? He plays "Tag" with the other dogs, keeping them busy while tiring them out! He also gained a few pounds and his coat is now soft and shiny. He has a natural athleticism! After he cleared a 4.5 ft board, we decided agility will be the way to go. He will be attending classes very soon!

There is never a dull moment with this pup around. I must say that Boomer is a truly amazing and extremely special dog. We love him very much and couldn't imagine our lives without him!


Jackson has settled right in. He's discovered his toys and turbo scratcher. He thinks the bed is pretty comfy and is quite a snuggle bug. And this morning he realized he has a bird feeder out by the patio.


This is Millie. I adopted her in December and she has brought so much joy and amusement to my family.

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