Adoption Stories


A big thank you to all of you at the Humane Society. Sophie, previously known as Stampe, has been a wonderful addition to our home. She loves her two
sisters Allie(cat) and Lilly (dog). They play together all day long and at the end of the day they all cuddle together. Again thank you so much for allowing us to view Sophie early. Our family appreciates the hard work you do and providing us with a wonderful new family member!


After considering several names for our new chocolate lab from HHS, we finally landed on Jesse in memory of our fabulous female chocolate lab, Jessie, who we lost to old age several years ago. This Jesse is a sweet boy with a calm disposition. We've had him about a month now, and he has adapted well to our family and to our much older female chocolate lab Quincy. We're working hard to train him and give him all the exercise a young lab needs. He makes new friends every day at a wonderful dog park near Naples, Florida where he runs and plays to his heart's content. In short, we're thrilled to have Jesse, he's doing well and there's no doubt he has found his forever and very loving home.

HHS told us that Jesse had a gentle disposition and would be a good fit for us, and you were absolutely right. Our sincere thanks go out to all of you!


We adopted Rosie (formerly known as Soleil) on July 19, 2013, and wanted to send an update on how she’s doing in her forever home! When we adopted Rosie, she was very underweight at 32 pounds, but now is a healthy 50 pounds and very athletic and active. We also quickly learned how incredibly smart she is! Rosie excelled at obedience training courses shortly after we adopted her, and is always up for learning new tricks.  She was also very shy at first, but her confidence has grown tremendously over the years with other dogs and she is progressing and still working on being comfortable around humans of all ages. She attends doggie daycare once a week for playtime and socialization (and to burn off some of that Border Collie energy!), and is one of the most loved dogs there. She also loves car rides, the dog park, peanut butter, snow, puzzle toys and, most of all, play dates with her sister, Scout (formerly Luna, an HHS alum)! Rosie and Scout were rescued by HHS together, but adopted separately, so when Scout’s parents got in touch with us, we were so happy to reunite them. We get them together monthly to play and to celebrate their birthdays in the winter. We couldn’t be more thankful for the care that HHS provided to both Rosie and Scout while they waited to find their forever homes. We love Rosie so much and feel so lucky every day that we found her - she perfectly completes our family!

Sugar Muffin

I just had to tell you all how well Sugar Muffin is doing because I know you will be missing her in the morning! She was nervous on the ride home but had no problem exploring her new space. I put her bed, food, toys, and litter box in one area and she even ate. She comes when i call her! If I'm in the other room and say "Sugggg" or "Mufffinnn", she comes! It's the cutest thing! But now it's about 8pm and the old Muffin is tired and felt comfortable enough to jump into my bed. A few minutes later she was sleeping. I'm so glad she's comfortable.


Happy Holidays to everyone at HHS!  We are celebrating Ollie's (formerly Vito) 7 month birthday and want you to know what a wonderful puppy he is! He is an active, inquisitive little guy that loves everyone and has become an endearing family member. We are so happy we were able to adopt him and continually thank HHS for caring for Ollie, as well as other homeless animals. Keep up your exemplary work!

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