Adoption Stories


Meowy Poppins

Just wanted to tell you that this great cat I adopted yesterday is LOVELY and loving it here at my home in Burr Ridge! She is wonderful and loving and fabulous!!



This is one GREAT dog. Three days of adjustment, and he totally took our hearts. Very affectionate, COMPLETELY house-trained, and crate-trained. A soft chewer, in addition to toys, he has a fondness for the fringe of our Oriental rug. All crate time is voluntary, except when we leave the house. We're going to start him not crated alone soon

Thank you so much for being there for these wonderful, sentient beings.

Adrian was an excellent counselor, very professional and engaged with the dogs. The process was very smooth.


Milo & Jack

I’m sure you are missing these two lovelies! I know it sounds silly, but I can hardly imagine life without these two gems, so I can just imagine how much you miss them. The adjustment has gone pretty good. They have their own room right now while they’re getting comfortable. Milo did hide a bit at first, but then on Tuesday night he came out for a little bit. On Wednesday morning, he was hiding behind the oriental rug hanging on the wall. He’s got good taste! Now he’s taken up residence in the room on the condo…even when Jack is trying to be in there. Jack is doing great, as you’d imagine. Even that first night he hopped on my lap which of course made me feel like a million bucks. He gets so excited at about 10 p.m. They’ve finally both started eating. At first Milo didn’t appear to be eating, but now he is. I have to keep Jack from eating both portions of wet food! They’re both using the litter box, but they are making a mess of the litter! I may have put too much litter so they’re digging more than they need to. I also might switch to the pellets made out of newspaper. Finally, it might be that the box is too small even though it is pretty big!

So, basically, I’m in love and I think the boys are settling into their new home. I’m going to introduce them to more of the house. I’ve made sure it is safe and ready for them! 

Thank you for taking such good care of these beautiful cats! And thank you for entrusting them to me!



Omega is doing very well. She has adjusted very quickly and is enjoying her new forever home.



Just wanted to let you know Hope is doing well. She is a lap dog. All 50 lbs of her just jumps into your lap and she just stays there. She also loves to sprawl on all furniture. Today she starts much needed leash training with a trainer!



We are in LOVE with Batman (now known as Odell (aka Odie!)!! He fit right in immediately to our very large, loud family!! Getting tons of walks and love!! We were so impressed with Hinsdale Humane Society. Every last person we spoke to was helpful, friendly and informative. Our counselor Adrian was so nice to work with! Thanks for an all around great adoption experience!!



Last week HHS was able to work with our rescue partners to transferto the Pet Rescue & Resource Center (PRRC) a dog that was in dire need of medical attention and some good old fashioned TLC.  Mars was an owner surrender to a shelter in the city and we knew we had to jump in and help. As we picked him up to take him home, we knew there was an incredibly sweet pup under all that fur and we couldn’t wait to help him feel better. Everyone at the PRRC immediately fell in love with Mars when they met him. 

In addition to some very severe mats in his fur which was causing him discomfort, Mars is dealing with skin irritation, flea infestation, and cherry eye, prolapse of the third eyelid gland. It’s important to  treat the condition as soon as possible in order to minimize permanent damage to the eye. It was time for our team to get to work!

We are happy to report that Mars received a much needed groom! Our veterinarian Dr. Kristin performed his cherry eye surgery and he was also neutered. We shared his story on our social media platforms, and no sooner than he was put on the adoption floor, along came his forever family. By the time you read this, Mars will be healthy, happy and loved in his new home. It was a whirlwind week and magical ending for our little fighter. 


Tippy & Shadow

Shadow and her baby girl Tippy were living in the rural south and were out exploring when Tippy (only 6-weeks old at the time) got stuck in landscape netting. She couldn't move and Shadow couldn't free her on her own.

Shadow ran to find help. She found a man nearby doing spring clean up and barked until he followed her. Shadow led the man back to where Tippy was stuck.

Tippy was freed by the man, but unfortunately, one of her legs was too badly damaged to save and had to be amputated. Her remaining hind leg was left slightly bowed due to blood loss during the trauma.

Shadow, a true hero dog, not only made sure her puppy was rescued, but she went on to support Tippy throughout her journey to recovery. Understandably, they became very attached to one another and our staff worked hard to keep them busy while they were at the shelter until they were finally placed in a forever home together.



Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of Ray until I found him. He is obviously a lot spoiled and very happy. My son sends him a gift box every month with toys and treats. Again, thanks for doing such a wonderful job. Ray appreciates it and so do I! Special thanks to Kim.



We absolutely love Morsel and judging from these pics I think you can see she has settled in quite comfortably! She definitely is not the quiet and shy girl you knew. She is energetic, playful, loves people, cars and other dogs too. Long walks are her favorite! She’s even learned to sit, lay down, give her paw and kisses. She destroys every single toy she has had, even the so-called indestructible ones, haha! She loves to stare out the window and sit outdoors with us.

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