Adoption Stories


I just want you to know that I have had a wonderful first week with my new friends in Shorewood. I'm part of the family and they love me. Scooter is getting used to me and we kiss now and then.

Keep up the great work in Hinsdale.


I adopted a six and a half month old puppy mill puppy from you about eight months ago.  I just want to give you a reminder of where she started, and to let you know where she is now. 

When I first adopted her, she couldn't, stop shaking and was scared of people and dogs.  She would cower, back up, and hide behind me anytime anyone reached out to pet her.  Tasha would frequently growl and snap at my other dog, Teddy and didn't interact with him much at all. She was even very timid and frightened of me at times. She wouldn't eat or take any kind of dog treats for the first week of being adopted. 

After attending two rounds of doggie class and much love, patience, understanding, and work, I am happy to report that she has improved by leaps and bounds! She no longer growls or snaps at her brother from another mother, and in fact has become extremely close with him. They blitz around chasing each other, wrestle with each other, and cuddle up together in their dog bed! She still remains somewhat shy around people, especially men, but will approach them to sniff them out and see if they have a treat, before retreating backwards away from them and doesn't look to hide behind me nearly as much. She knows how to wait, stay, sit, lay down, shake, and walk appropriately by my side on a leash! Tasha has made friends in dog class now, one boy and one girl, and goes on regular play dates with them. 

Tasha has been a great addition to our family, and I couldn't imagine my life without her in it and neither could Teddy (well, I am not so sure about that when they are fighting for my attention)! She may have had a rough start and been in poor condition in her early months, but now she has come a long way and I see nothing but more progress in the future. I would highly recommend adopting from the Hinsdale Humane Society - they truly care about the animals and you and getting the right fit for your family!


Miracle lived her whole eight years of life in a filthy outdoor pen where she not only received little to no human interaction, but was barely fed. Fortunately, someone reported the abuse to Missouri animal control and her owners relinquished ownership rather than face cruelty charges. She was then transported to the high-kill animal control facility where her fate seemed sealed, albeit better that than continue to live the horrible existence she had been enduring. I received Miracle's picture and sad story along with the multiple other requests for help for at-risk dogs. While I knew she would be very difficult for us to try to place, I could not just turn my back on her and hit the delete button. She needed us. To make a long story short, Miracle had no need for humans in her life. She never had the opportunity to form a bond with anyone. She didn't like being touched, didn't know how to walk on a leash, and maintained a distant, vacant look in her eyes. We worked with her and did our best to acclimate her life as a real dog, but her chances of adoption remained very slim. That is until a wonderful family began visiting her and giving lots of thought as to if they could turn this sorrowful soul around. After several visits and much family discussion and soul-searching, we are elated to report that Miracle has been adopted! While the road ahead of her is very long, she now at least can experience life in a loving home as the pampered pet every dog deserves to be.    ~Jenny


This is Abigail as she is nearing her 12th birthday. Pet Therapy Volunteer Sue Aikman adopted this beautiful girl (a Shepherd mix) from Hinsdale Humane Society when she was five months old. Since that time, Abigail has had a busy life learning to be a Pet Therapy dog. She's been a Pet Partner Team member with Sue since 2010 and volunteers in all three of HHS's Pet Therapy programs - Pet a Pet, R.E.A.D. and CARe. She works with her "mom" and handler, Sue, on many other projects as well -- that is --  when she's not just being a pampered pooch in a loving family with her canine "sisters" Tessa and Rosie. Last Abigail sighting - at Pet Walk 2015 proudly wearing her HHS Alumni Badge!


This is our 5 year old Todd; he is a Dachshund, Beagle, Coon Hound mix.

He was rescued in November of 2013 from the Hinsdale Animal Shelter by our family, or was it he that rescued us??

When he first became a part of our family he was about 15 pounds under weight, but with needed medication he was soon a healthy 43 pounds of pure love!

He fits in well with our family setting; he and his 12 year old human brother Kevin enjoy each other’s company. Mom and Dad are quite attracted to him as well. 

He is quite a beggar and tries to steal food off of the counter or table whenever given the opportunity. We believe he thinks  “if the rest of the family gets to eat from there why not me?”!

Todd is also quite a vocal dog - whether he is moaning when getting comfortable on the couch or he is not getting the much needed attention he deserves, he always lets his family know that he is the focus of attention. 

We are so happy to have found our Todd; we look forward to many years of happiness with him.

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