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Introducing our Young Advocates Book Club!

Attention readers and animal advocates! Lauren, our Humane Education Program Manager, is introducing a new Young Advocates Book Club. Every month Lauren will recommend a book for young readers that is focused on developing a mindset of empathy, care, and respect for all living things. Tune in to...

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Chicagoland Humane Coalition: Joint Statement 9/1/21

We are a part of the Chicagoland Humane Coalition, alongside other groups from our area. Below you’ll find a joint statement from the coalition, regarding our strategies for saving lives, today and in the future: After an unprecedented 18 months, the Chicagoland Humane Coalition has come together...

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Why foster? Why not!

By: Kelsey Barry Whenever I tell someone I work with volunteers and foster homes, the next thing I usually hear out of their mouth is “I could never foster, I’d become too attached!” Now look, I get it. We, as humans, get attached to things easily (I named the geese that live on HHS’ roof, I am...

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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Cat during Adopt a Cat Month

By Kelsey Barry Kittens? They’re adorable, I will not deny that. You know what’s even cuter? Sleeping in. Oh and knowing that you adopted an adult cat in need of a home! I am here to guide you through the top 5 reasons for adopting an adult cat - and it’s Adopt a Cat Month! Talk about perfect...

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Introducing a New Cat to Your Family

By Melissa Kauffman Are you counting the days until the arrival of a new furry family member? If so, this is an exciting time for you! If you have ever had the good fortune to spend time in the company of cats, you know that they also seek the attention and company of their humans. They are not...

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