Memorials and Tributes


Your memorial and tribute gifts in memory or honor of a loved one, help support the operations of our shelter, allowing us to save more animals’ lives.

To make a Memorial or Donation gift, visit our Donation Page and click on the In Memory / In Honor button in the middle of the page, or please contact us at or 630-323-5630 x32.

Make a Memorial or Tribute Gift

Options for memorial and tributes include:

  • Give a memorial gift in memory of a departed pet or person.
  • Give a tribute gift to honor or thank a living pet or person, or to acknowledge a special event such as a Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Graduation.

Unless otherwise requested, your gift is acknowledged:

  • Notice is sent to the surviving family or honoree.
  • A Thank You letter sent to you from the Shelter.

We respect the privacy of our donors and do not sell or exchange any individual donor information.