Zach Leathers Emergency Medical Fund

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A Legacy of Compassion and Kindness

The memory of Zachary Leathers carries on through the mission of the fund established in his name: vital care for special needs animals allowing them to live full and happy lives. In honor of his legacy, please consider a donation to the Zach Leathers Emergency Medical Fund to help further its growth, and get more animals healed and home.

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For the kind-hearted young man who was always watching out for and protecting those in need, the Zach Leathers Emergency Medical Fund is the perfect tribute to his life.

“Zach was always the one volunteering to bring the critters home from his class for summer,” said his mom, Winnie Leathers. “Our house was the resort for all those animals.”

Zach’s connection to Hinsdale Humane Society (HHS) goes all the way back to the days when he would get on his bike and pedal to the shelter just to look at the cats and dogs.

But not every animal that comes to the shelter is immediately adoptable due to health issues or other circumstances beyond their control. Some animals come in needing intensive medical help. The Zach Leathers Medical Fund is essential in giving those special needs animals the medical care they so desperately need. The Fund will:

  • Allow us to respond in a timely, urgent manner to an animal with great need. No animal will wait for emergency care.
  • Help us offset the cost of diagnostic radiographs, heartworm treatment, corrective and emergency surgeries, specialized diagnostic assessments and eye care, and laboratory testing for the special needs animals we receive. 
  • Provide resources for our volunteer fosters who are critical in providing a quiet space for our animals to heal.
  • Impact the community by:
    • Purchasing surgical supplies and medications for the dogs and cats we spay/neuter for rescue groups and for other shelters, which average about 50 per month.
    • Allowing us to help partner organizations when they are in need because we believe as a community, we are stronger together.

We are honored to be the recipient of Zach’s legacy of kindness, compassion and love. “When we lose someone we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind.” –Unknown

Poem by Winnie Leathers (Mom)

Zealot you are not! Laid back is my Zach.
Animals loved you - you turned our house into a zoo!
Compassion was your middle name - you never flaunted your fame.
How I miss you, my big guy, you were the apple of my eye.
Athlete supreme - you brought the crowd to their feet to scream.
Raucous was not your style. Homebody was what made you smile.
You are at rest my dear boy, you brought us so much pride and joy.

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