Adoption Stories



We adopted this beautiful lady back in August of 2017. She's definitely made herself right at home. Thank you for doing your "Clear the Shelter" day. It was that weekend we found our forever best friend!

Phoenix loves going out to the country and riding on the golf carts, she loves going for walks and playing with other dogs. She amazing with people and is the most loving dog we've ever had. Thank you Hinsdale Humane Society for helping us find our girl! 



Here are some photos of Céline (aka Meadow). She went to petsmart yesterday day to pick out new toys and get her nails done, and made quite a good impression on everyone in the store! We’re looking forward to meeting new friendly faces and experiencing different places and activities! 


Piper & Tucker

The pink is “Piper” and blue is “Tucker”  they seem to be enjoying their new home as much as we are to have them! Thank you Hinsdale Humane Society!!



This is just a little update our latest addition, that we adopted from your fine facility a few months back.  

Little Abracadabra was renamed to Jack (which I know sounds boring by comparison - but I like to think it's short for Jackass because he likes to jump on his brother and sisters from time to time - haha!!). He riled the other cats in the house up quite a bit those first few days and weeks but now has settled in and they even play back and forth with one another - even feeding has become relatively calm considering there are 4 of them! 

We've attached a few pics of Jack (Abra) in his new home with his new family and we couldn't be happier.  You guys gave him a great start and we're happy to give him a forever home. 

Thanks again and keep doing good work!


Yin & Yang

Just here to give you an update on how they are adjusting. Our cat Lulu took a bit to warm up to them but they are getting along just fine now. And as predicted Yin was friendly and out and about straight out the gate and it took Yang a few days. All 3 cats sleep on our bed at night and take afternoon naps together. They do get up to some mischief but nothing I wouldn’t expect from kittens!  We did end up at the vets as they both had colds and did a round of antibiotics and eye ointment and are both doing better now.



We just wanted to drop a line and a update on “Frankie” (formerly known as Franco). Frankie was a touch overweight - tipping the scales at 26 pounds when we adopted him in late September. He had a long stay at HHS - about 3 months - and was having some minor upper respiratory issues. You might not even recognize him now! The featured video you ran on him melted our hearts and he became a member of our family the very next day!

Today, Frankie’s a svelte 16 pounds, has his voice back and has become a fav of our customers and our staff here at Oak Brook Kennel Club. He goes on rounds with us every morning and loves to supervise our operations throughout the day. We love HHS!


Peppermint Patty

Just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and to let you know Patty is doing great. Her kennel cough disappeared within 5 days, but we did give her all 14 days of medicine. Only 2 accidents since she came home 15 days ago. She is not at all shy or timid here and acts as the queen of the house. Since I work from home, she only spends night time and time when I’m away in her crate but doesn’t seem to mind at all. She can be a little naughty and likes to steal shoes, but I think shoes are her only vice. Thank you and Happy New Year!



Our baby girl just celebrated her 1st birthday! I wanted to share a couple of her recent pics as well as her birthday celebration!



In the world of animal rescue, there are many ups and downs. Our staff gets immersed in the lives of each and every animal that we care for. When an animal comes to us, we know it is up to us to find the right family to set every one up for success. Once in a while, we come across a pet that has certain characteristics that require even more diligence. The long term success of our pets AND the families that adopt them is something we take very seriously and assess each animal to the best of our ability to ensure just that.

Introduce, Eva. She came to us from a family that loved her, but life changed and they could not keep her.

Eva is a not common breed. She is a Cane Corso, a breed that is meant to be a guard dog. They are large, powerful, and protective!! These traits don’t always lend themselves to passing an evaluation meant for the “average dog”, and certainly are not always successful at holding up well in the stressful environment of a shelter, no matter how hard we try to help our pets feel safe and secure. We had concerns about finding a family that would truly understand what they were getting and what her potential could be (good or bad). We began reaching out to foster based, breed-specific rescues in the hopes of finding her a situation that would ensure a happy, healthy life. 

After 8 long weeks, lots of socialization, highs and lows of a selfless staff that worked with her everyday while in our care, and the help of MCP Rescue and Outreach, Eva has now found her forever family!! We wish to extend many thanks to all those who came together to network, share and ultimately save this beautiful girl!



Michelle and I wanted to thank you for your help with our adoption. Farley is loving his new home and we love having him here! He has been adjusting very smoothly and is showing us just how sweet, smart, and obedient he can be. We already feel a strong bond and trust with him, and it hasn't even been 24hrs!

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