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Story chalupa3


Just wanted to send a quick note to update you on Barrett (formerly Chalupa) and his progress! Barrett seemed like an unlikely, or at least unconventional, buddy for Skip (our 70lb Boxer/Pit Bull mix), but they have become the very best of friends. Barrett  was pretty underweight and needed some extensive dental work initially, but after some major TLC, he is now a healthy 5lbs. He has become a very active boy, taking cues from his big brother about what toys are for, potty training, and some good basic commands. Barrett now knows "outside", "bed time", "kennel" and "come". 

Thank you for helping us find the perfect fit for our little beginner family! HHS was such a pleasure to work with, keep up the awesome work!

Story ziggy


Ziggy (formerly Zeus) has been an absolute joy.  He's remarkably active, energetic, and playful, maybe only slightly less than he was when we first adopted him.  He is very affectionate, he loves being brushed, petted and hugged...although he doesn't like being picked up or carried around very much.  Ziggy has the loudest purr of any of our cats and he's the 10th over the years.  He's become a good friend to our older cat Sam...although sometimes he's just too active for Sam who will occasionally discipline him for his childishness.

Ziggy is growing amazingly fast.  The picture of him on the kitchen counter is the most recent.  We are so grateful to have found such a beautiful little guy to be a part of our lives.  We thank you, Laura, and the Hindsdale Humane Society for your wonderful work.

Story sox


I wanted to drop a line to let you know how Sox is doing in his new home.  He adapted quickly and seemed to know right away that this was his new home.  We had him home only fifteen minutes when it was "rub my tummy" time.  Sox is a very sweet and affectionate dog.  He loves to cuddle on our (his) sofa.  He also likes playing fetch in his new yard, going for his daily walks and riding in the van.  He is very well behaved and hasn't bothered anything in the house, even when he is left alone for short periods. 

Although it was reported that he "counter surfs," we haven't seen any attempt so far.  This breed is known for being "velcro dogs" and Sox takes it to a new level, perhaps out of insecurity.  That's ok, as we were used to it from our previous Aussies.  We previously owned two Australian Shepherds and lost the second one a year ago last November.  We have been considering other breeds but kept coming back to the Aussie.  We have been looking at the breed club rescue but they were always 150 miles or more away an in another state.  When we saw Sox listed on your website, we immediately came over.  I don't think we could have found a better dog for us if we had filled out an order form.  Sox has found his forever home.

Story cricket


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the good work that you do. I adopted my cat, Cricket, from your shelter in 1999. I've told everyone through the years that I brought Cricket home on her PR alone. I went in with one idea what I wanted (a shy Siamese named Sophia), and I left persuaded by my adoption counselor (and Cricket's foster mom) that she might just be the best fit for me.

I'm so glad that I trusted your staff's personality assessment and expertise, because Cricket turned out to live up to her hype.

We lost her a couple of weeks ago to lung cancer and are bereft. But I'm so happy to have had her in my life and so grateful for your good work in hooking us up. Thank you.

Story penny2


I just wanted to give you an update on Penny (formerly Zephyr).  As you see from the picture (taken within 48 of coming home) our cat Charlie and Penny instantly became best friends.

Her favorite things these days are belly rubs,  staring out the windows at the passing cars/people, sitting or sleeping in ANY size box she can find, tricking the dog into thinking they're friends, and her absolute favorite - hiding behind the shower curtain and jumping out at whomever walks in (four legged, or two).  She also talks, or I should say squeaks when she is hungry or she doesn't think you're paying her enough attention.   She is also a complete shadow but I wouldn't have it any other way!

She has made a huge impact on our family - two legged, and four.   Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication.

Story chico2

Chewy (aka Chico)

I just wanted to give you an update on Chewie (aka Chico). Chewie has come out of his shell so much in just two weeks. He now bounces in the back yard...and I do mean bouncing almost 2 feet in the air because he is so excited. He is hilarious to watch run and spin in the yard. He loves everyone that he meets and they all love him right back. He has quickly adapted to laying in the bed with us but still cannot figure out that the dog bed on the floor is his. He knows he is home now and is an amazing part of our family.

Thank you so much for convincing us that we had to meet him. Never in a million years did we imagine getting an 80lb+ dog, but now we can't imagine life without him!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!



We came to you a very sad family, having lost two pets recently. After exploring your website, we knew we wanted to meet then Sylvester. After our interview you told us you had a good cat in mind for us. It was Sylvester!

He has filled the cat paw holes in our hearts. He a sweet, loving, likes to be carried around, friend.

Thank you for all the work you do matching pets with families and caring so well for the pets looking for homes. Our facility is always clean, warm and inviting too.

The Horton Family

Story lily


Here's our Lily.  She purrs a lot, sleeps in the bed rather than on the bed, and is a bird watcher ... from inside the house of course!  We love her, and we think she likes us too!

Thanks so much!
Kristin Flanders

Story whispy


I always thought that adult cats were left at the Humane Society because they had problems. Was I wrong. A few years ago I adopted such a cat, named Pickles, from Hinsdale Humane Society. She stared at me from her cage with her beautiful face and that was all it took. I gave her a happy place to live and changed her name (she is now Whispy). She has been a perfect pet, is well behaved and such good company. I hope others consider adult cats when adopting a pet.

Story tiger


After meowing the entire way home, Tiger hid in a bedroom for maybe 2 minutes. Then, he began to explore and play with the toys, purr, and sit on my lap. Within an hour he wanted out of that room and we let him explore a second room. The kids found him so comfortable that they gave him the run of the house about three hours after bringing him home!  

Linda Lunt

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