Giving Up Your Pet

Giving Up Your Pet

Many pet-related problems can be frustrating, and you may feel that relinquishing your pet is the only solution. But before you take that step, we’ve put together some steps to consider first, as well as a wealth of resources available to help you deal with problems that can seem overwhelming.

Making the Decision…

Behavioral problems such as biting, potty accidents, destruction, and hyperactivity.

Could the issue be medical, and not behavioral? We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian first for possible medical issues and treatment options.

How about a training class? It’s often the case that some positive reinforcement training can solve nagging or negative behaviors. Visit our Dog Training program pages for options, or consult our Trainer directly for custom advice.

Is your pet destroying things? He or she could be bored. We highly recommend reputable doggie day care facilities or dog walkers.

Call us at 630-323-5630 for help with specific problems or more resources. Read our Dog Bite Informational Guide here.


Housing problems, for example you are moving and cannot find pet-friendly housing.

As a temporary solution, ask family or friends to house your pet until you can locate appropriate housing. Your vet may also be able to offer low-cost boarding.

See Pet-Friendly Housing.


Monetary problems where you are facing foreclosure, can no longer afford to care for your pet, or your pet is ill and you can’t care for it.

See Pets and Foreclosure.


Health problems such as a family member with allergies.

Pet Allergies: Fact or Fiction Article

If the Answer is Still Yes…

If after considering your options, you still need to relinquish your pet, you can:

  • Surrender your pet to HHS. Call us at 630-323-5630 to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet. Please be prepared to answer  a few questions on pet history and provide applicable veterinary records. We know this is often a difficult decision and we can assure you we will provide your pet with comfort, care and love. Our medical and behavioral experts assess all pets prior to adoption so we can match them with the best possible new home. We ask for a $50 surrender fee to help cover costs such as food, medical care, shelter care, fresh bedding, and toys.

  • Or, find a new home for your pet on your own. Guidelines for Finding a Responsible Home for Your Pet.