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We adopted Reggie (formerly Landry) in March 2018. We brought him home from HHS on antibiotics as it was thought that he had kennel cough. We took him to the vet the next day to be checked out. It was determined that he actually had pneumonia. His condition worsened and he had to be hospitalized. HHS took full responsibility for this boy and took him to their vet. Reggie spent one night in the hospital and was delivered back to us by Kym from HHS. We nursed him back to health and today have a wonderful, loving boy who wants nothing more than to please us.

We have always had pedigree dogs and now have a new love for rescues. We did a DNA test on Reggie and found that he is labrador retriever, border collie, german shepherd and plott hound. He is the best boy and we love him dearly!



Elmer is doing great! He loves sitting on laps, getting treats, and we're even (trying to) clicker train him. He got a little mad when we left him at the vet to get neutered, but seems to have forgiven us.



Just wanted to let you know all know that our Martha, whom we adopted a few months back, is doing well. We love her and she loves us! She has a wonderful personality and loves to eat. She’s always by my side and is very loving. Thank you so much for helping to bring her to us - we love her dearly and she gets a lot of attention from us. Thanks again for all you do to help find forever homes for your clients!


Mia & Arlo

It's been a year since adopting my two adorable pets from HHS, so I wanted to send an update. My fur babies are loving life and Arlo is fully grown now! They play together all the time and especially love to hang out together in the bathtub. They also love to sleep on clean laundry. I am so happy I adopted them!

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Max (formerly O'Malley), after a rough start getting acclimated to his new home and new dog brother, Rusty, things are finally coming together for this little fella. Rusty has (finally) figured out that Max is here to stay, and even though Max likes to nip at Rusty, they are both figuring out that everything is better with a buddy. Much patience, discipline, and dog training went into creating a healthy, stable, co-existence  between both dogs. And, they both learned that there is enough of the mailman to charge after, every day! [��] We can't imagine life without our Max! Thank you so very much! No worries, Max and Rusty are loved and spoiled every day!!



Here is a picture of Sam, formerly Stanley. He's doing well! We love him!



It has been one year since my husband, Colby, and I adopted Martin, now Cormac. We have been so blessed by this sweet pup and are so thankful you all entrusted him to us.

When we first brought him home he was so cautious - he wouldn't go into some places in the house and refused to go upstairs; but having a fenced in backyard and going on hikes was what really opened him up and bonded us together. He is like the Energizer bunny outside and he'll go until you make him stop.

Over time his personality started coming out and he started playing with toys. He decided the house wasn't so scary, and he definitely began to see us as his people.

Over the last year we have learned that he loves treat scavenger hunts and puzzle games, that he loves adventures, road trips, and anything outside, and he will howl at the base of a tree for over an hour if you let him, if there is a squirrel in it. 

Cormac has been such a vital addition to our family, including our extended family. Two of our nieces are scared of dogs, but one will tolerate him (she's gotten so much better) and the other will actively try to play with him and is always giving him ice cubes for treats. My parents are our go-to dogsitters because they are crazy about him. 

Since he didn't have any behavioral problems or anything when we adopted him, we didn't do dog classes right away and decided to wait. This past May we began an 8-week course and it has been so fun. Cormac loves learning and as long as I have hot dog bits, he'll go along with anything.

One of the reasons Colby and I decided it was time to adopt was for my mental health, and Cormac has been an enormous relief. He has been amazing and patient on the harder days, and gets me laughing and outside, and will always rest his head on me at the end of the day.

We've had an amazing first year with this nutty, adorable, silly pup. Thank you for all the good work you all do. We are so thankful for you guys.



We just wanted to say THANK YOU! My girlfriend and I picked Leo up a few weeks ago and we could not be happier. He is a wonderful dog! Everyone was very helpful through the adoption process. In this picture, Leo is with his sister, Louise, who was adopted by another family. Thank you for emailing Louise’s adopters. We have been meeting them regularly for playdates!



I wanted to say thank you. You really knew how to pick a cuddle bug! Sergio has been a perfect addition in my life. I know it’s cheesy, but I honestly can’t say who rescued who. He and I rescued each other, thanks to your insight. I’m so grateful that you pointed him out to me. He sends nudges and purrs your way!



Biscuit is doing wonderfully. He is a very well behaved dog. He doesn't nip at all, and all he wants to do is cuddle and watch us from afar. He loves being outside and meeting as many dogs and people as possible.

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