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I'd like to share my adoption story with you. I volunteered this weekend at the Citadel event with Marilyn, one of your volunteers/staff. She encouraged me to write after talking about my cat, Oliver.

In December 2015 we adopted Oliver, who was at the time known as Remy. The HHS staff suspected he had some sort of abnormality with his vision. We didn't care and couldn't wait to take him home as he was the cutest, sweetest and most playful kitten.

His vision impairment was confirmed by two different vets. Oliver is almost blind but you would never know it. Two years later he is happy, healthy and active as ever. His other senses more than make up for his lack of vision. He can hear things we swear he shouldn't and he for sure smells his food being served when he's at the opposite end of the house. Oliver gets supervised exercise outside and the other day he was able to chase lightning bugs and trap them in the grass. He uses his whiskers to maneuver against walls and up stairs and even uses them to weave through chairs under the dining table. At times our family had to use sound (by tapping things) to help him identify where the top of a stair may be, or where the floor may be in relation to something he climbed on. This has helped him learn where things are and adapt to some low climbing and jumping.

Oliver is just an amazing cat now and is one of the loves of our life. Thank you and HHS for taking care of him before we could.



Just wanted to give you an update on Reggie (pka Tucson). He is adjusting to his new home pretty well. He loves my bed and has slept with me every night since I brought him home. He also has found a spot on our family room couch that he enjoys during the day:) Had a trainer out to meet him and she said he is smart (of course we knew that) and that it may take a while, but he can learn. He doesn't like loud noises and sometimes runs for home when we are out for a walk, but I think after he gets used to all the comings and goings of our neighborhood he will be fine. He is all scheduled for his treatments and has also has been checked out by my regular vet who says he is in good shape and should be fine after all the heart worm treatments.

Thank you again for all of your help. I'm so glad we brought this sweet boy home to be part of our family.

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Rosa & Giorgio

Hello everybody who helped us (Rosa & Giorgio) find our forever home! We are loving our new home and wanted to show you how much. We are finding every hiding SPOT there is and our new human is always taking very good care of us. He plays with us, brushes and combs us all the time. Even when I, Giorgio, hid so well the day after coming home, he looked for me for 3 hours and was worried sick! I finally showed up on top of the refrigerator, out of a hole I found in the upper cabinets and was hanging out in the wall! The next time I tried to hide again, I was surprised to find that Daddy Jay had boarded up the hole. So now we don't hide and we come out as soon as we hear him come home from work and call us, which makes us all very happy we found each other! 

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Wanted to touch base with you and update you on Addison! We are in the dog days of summer - literally. Addison is continuing to make new friends, she went swimming for her first time and loved it! We are in advanced obedience and she is doing well! We love this beautiful girl so much!



We just wanted to say that we love having Ginger as part of our family! We have had her for almost a month and now we cannot imagine our house without her in it.

Thanks again for all the information to help make her transition a smooth one!

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Toby (Yosemite)

It's been a week since I was adopted and I am enjoying the adopted life!

Since being adopted I have had the chance to explore the all the lakes at Four Lakes, meet so many dogs along the way, get spoiled with my own memory foam bed, and have playtime with my owner's boyfriend's puppy! I was so gentle when I played with her! I can't wait until I see her again!

I've met so many new people and I can't get enough of all the love and attention I am receiving from them! So many pets, hugs and kisses! How could a dog get so lucky!!

I've been a little stinker lately and refuse to eat any of the treats that my owner bought me. Sooner or later she'll learn my favorites!

I also have been moving my owner's stuffed animals around her room while she's sleeping. She found a really old stuffed bear of hers and is letting me keep it! She even caught me cuddling with it one night!
I've learned to sit in the elevator when we go in and out and I'm working on learning my new name - Toby!!

Lots of love and thanks to all my friends and family at Hinsdale! You guys are some of the best people I have ever had the chance to meet!!


Panama Jack

Panama Jack seems to be a real cuddle bunny, settling in after his surgery and physical which he came through with flying colors.

He doesn't like getting into or out of cars or going through doors into or out of the house - that's been a battle of wits. In fact he slipped his collar, and his anti-scratch/licking collar, and bolted late this afternoon!
I called him and offered treats and he stopped two doors away. As I approached he sat down, let me pick him up and carry him home - he seemed to like that bit!

He is spooked by noises but likes watching the ducks in the garden through the window, though he ignores them when he's outside. My sense is that he's a really smart young dog. He loves company.



At only 2 months this little guys knows "sit", what outside means and what pee pads are. Still sometimes he has accidents but other than that is such a quick learner! He's definitely keeping us on our toes and his
sister does what she can to teach and love him too.



Martin, now Cormac, is adjusting very well these few days in! He's loving a grassy backyard to run and lounge in. Thanks for taking care of our boy before we even knew him.



We are having a great time with our new pup (Smudge, now Roxy). She is a good smart girl and is loving her new crate. Here she is spending some time with her new best friend! Thanks again!

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