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I wanted to send you a follow-up on Sprinkles (renamed to Banksy). We LOVE him. He is such a smart, sweet boy with a wonderful personality and temperament. He loves people and other dogs, and has been the hit of our neighborhood! His check-up at the vet went smoothly, and today he got his first haircut. Thank you so much for connecting us and continuing to send resources. We're looking forward to staying in touch and having many years of fun together!



Hard to believe we’ve had Perry for two years already! His favorite things are eating, sleeping, sitting on his cat trees, grooming everyone in the house (this includes people) and being cozy with Hazel our 17 year old cat. Many thanks to everyone at HHS for taking such good care of him before he came home with us! 

Rachel rowdy

Rachel & Rowdy

Rachel came to HHS really scared, not really knowing how be a dog. While in the shelter, Rachel showed interest in Rowdy, so HHS staff paired her with him. Rowdy helped Rachel learn how to be brave.

Rachel and Rowdy were adopted together and they have settled in nicely! A family member made them matching sweaters for winter.



We want to give you an update. After about 30 minutes of exploring, and playing in the bathtub, Adrienne settled in and spent time sitting in my lap while I worked and laying on the couch in a sunbeam. Right now she’s curled up next to me while I sit in bed, just soaking in all the pets. This was definitely a perfect match. I want everyone to know how happy and comfortable she is and I am. 

Thanks to everyone at HHS for everything that you do and for making this possible. 



One year ago we adopted Mac (formally known as Travel Boy). He is doing great! He loves playing with his toys, splashing in the pool, going for car rides, and playing with his big sister Macy (Hinsdale Humane Society adoptee in 2015). Here are a few pictures of Mac and Macy. Mac is all black and Macy has the white on her. They love each other so much.

Thank you so much for all you do for the animals!




When our beloved cat Louie (HHS '99) died six years ago, we thought long and hard about getting another cat.  While we somewhat enjoyed the freedom of being "pet-less", we really missed having a furry friend around the house.  About a year ago, we started checking your website every day, just in case you had an orange male calico, about six to twelve months old. One day we saw Diva, who was a six and a half year old female, but we still kept checking. My husband really wanted to adopt her because he was afraid no one else would. We made an appointment to meet her on August 1.

We fell in love with her that day and brought her home. Although we didn't like her name and were planning on changing it, within an hour of walking into her forever home, it became clear that her name will always be Diva. She even comes when we call her.

What a love-bug she turned out to be! She is extremely affectionate and follows us everywhere! Her previous owners (who had to surrender her due to an allergy) took great care of her and must have loved her very much. We just want you to know that she is a perfect fit for our household. She is well-fed and has plenty of toys. Her fur is soft and silky now due to twice-daily brushings.

We want people to know that pets improve the quality of life. Period. We also want to let people know not to overlook a shelter pet because of their age. All animals, regardless of age, still have plenty of love left in them for their new people.



It has been over a year since this sweet, little, big-eared boy walked into our home. Bagheera, (formerly Trigger) has made himself quite comfortable and his parents very happy. He enjoys long walks, playing in sprinklers, and being his momma's shadow around the house. He has a nice yard to do his zoomie sprints, a cuddly sleeping spot between Mom & Dad, and a big box of toys to go head and shoulders into to pick a favorite of the day. Also, Bagheera loves being around other dogs and will charm a delicious donut off anyone who has one. After the loss of our first dog who lived 17 wonderful years, we learned something very important. The only way to heal and honor him was to pay it forward by adopting a dog that was in need of a loving home. We are so happy and in love with our baby Bagheera! 

We want to thank all the workers and volunteers at Hinsdale Humane Society for everything they do to make stories like ours possible.



I adopted a bengal cat from you about two weeks ago and just wanted to send along an update and some pictures! 

His name, originally Cloud, is now Orion (I stuck with the sky theme and gave him a constellation name). He's settled in quite quickly and easily into my home. He loves any sort of moving feathered toy and short chats throughout the day (his little chattering is so sweet). He also thinks the swiffer is a mysterious toy that he must follow whenever I'm cleaning the floor.

He's a fantastic little companion and I'm so happy I saw his picture on your website at the beginning of June. Thank you so much for being a great humane society to adopt from during this covid season. I hope you enjoyed the update and have a wonderful rest of the week!




It’s been a bit over a year now since I adopted your heartworm positive poster boy. Thanks for the great care you gave him throughout...all the way to his complete recovery.

Ranger turned out to be quite the gardener and enjoys “helping” me dig. I think husky is part of his mix based on the personality that emerged. He’s quite the song and dance man and keeps me laughing. Your adoption staff was great help in making the match.



Chérie came to her forever home just over a month ago, and she has been a joy! Her favorite past times include chasing her ball, snoozing on her favorite chair, and cuddling. When I first met her, everyone at the HHS said she was “the BEST cat”, and they were right! Chérie is the best cat, and is so happy in her new home. Thank you, HHS, for helping bring us together.

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