Volunteer Spotlight

“Volunteering to serve others is the rent we pay for the space we occupy in this world.” – author unknown.

Volunteers at Hinsdale Humane Society are vital to our organization. With their help, we are able to provide continued care, love and attention to our four legged friends until they find their forever homes.

Christie Cuthbert

Why HHS?

HHS is such a wonderful organization that helps so many animals and families. It is inspiring to see the compassion and love that the staff gives to each animal and the care that is taken to match these wonderful animals with their new family.

Town: Hinsdale

Pets: Fergie the Daschund

Volunteer since: 2013

Volunteer jobs: HHS Ambassador, Black Cat Ball Event Chair, Fetching Affair Event Chair

Fun Fact: I've had a rescue dog as my pet my entire life! Fergie has been a lifesaver for my family of 4 small boys - literally! She warned me that my oldest son was choking. She flew up the staircase barking her head off and grabbed my pant leg with her teeth, dragging me to the top of the stairs. I saw John at the bottom of the stairs turning blue. He was choking, and had Fergi not come and alerted me, I'm not sure I would have gotten to him in time. I was able to run down and give him the Heimlich.

Jamie Andrekopoulos

Why HHS?

I love animals and helping them in any way I can. The days the shelter pets come in for their photo shoots are some of the best days we have in the studio. I look forward to it every year and am happy to be able to help the homeless animals of HHS.

Town: Chicago

Pets: A rescue cat named Macaroni (who graced one of last year's HHS holiday cards!)

Volunteer since: January, 2013

Volunteer jobs: Holiday card photographer and promoter of all things HHS.

Fun Fact: I am recently married, and have been the head photographer at Classic Kids Hinsdale for 6 year

Bill Santucci

Why HHS?

I am semi-retired and wanted to give back to the community. My sister, Mary Beth White (also an HHS volunteer) encouraged me to visit and I was so impressed with the dedication of the wonderful people working here. I've learned a lot (Kym Iffert, the trainer, has been educating me.) So for me it's not just about the dogs, it's also about the people.

Town: LaGrange

Pets: Meatball (Marmaduke), recently adopted from HHS and pictured here with Bill.

Volunteer since: 2014

Volunteer jobs: Red dog walker.

Fun Fact: I had 4 dogs at one point, and would take them with me on wilderness adventures. Meatball will come with me on the next one.

Diane Novak

Why HHS?

I love animals! When I retired I wanted to do volunteer work, so it was a natural fit. After almost eight years I can honestly say, my best days are when I can come in and help a dog or cat by working with them. We both de-stress! It is wonderful to see them get homes. HHS has such high standards and wonderful staff I'm proud to be a part of that.



Volunteer since: 2007

Volunteer jobs: Green & Yellow Dog walker, Cat Socializer/Kitten Weigher, Mailing help, Hand-addressing envelopes, Help at Off-Site events, Greeter, and any little thing that might be needed.

Fun Fact: I used to be afraid of cats! But as an adult I had three cats over 32 years. Now my favorite job is weighing kittens.

Ginny Wesley

Why HHS?

To say I hold animals in high regard doesn't begin to cover it. I've enjoyed and have been fascinated by all animals as far back as I can remember; they're one of my favorite things about life. When I learned that HHS was searching for an in-house photographer for their website, I jumped at the chance to further my rescue involvement by helping to get the animals adopted via doing my best to capture them in their very best light every week, knowing that they only have one chance to make a first impression with their photos on the website. Not only am I allowed the opportunity to couple my enjoyment of photography with my love of animals, I also get the added bonus of working in a wonderful environment with people I look forward to seeing every week.

Town: Downers Grove

Pets: Grace, a 13 year old rescued Miniature Pincher and Sawyer, a 7-year old, long-haired Chihuahua puppy mill rescue.

Volunteer since: December 2013

Volunteer jobs: Weekly Website Photographer

Fun Fact: My husband Dan and I have been transporting rescued animals from high kill shelters for the last five plus years and have recently joined forces with ARC - Animal Rescue Corps.

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