Volunteer Spotlight

“Volunteering to serve others is the rent we pay for the space we occupy in this world.” – author unknown.

Volunteers at Hinsdale Humane Society are vital to our organization. With their help, we are able to provide continued care, love and attention to our four legged friends until they find their forever homes.

Dr. Ryan Evenhouse

Why HHS?

When asked to delve deeper into why he supports HHS as one of his charities, Dr. Ryan explained that he likes how the shelter not only helps animals directly, but also helps the entire community through the programs offered, like low cost veterinary services for families in need, lots of volunteer opportunities and more. “I know animal shelters work extremely hard to get donations,” said Dr. Ryan. “Knowing only about 3% of all charitable giving goes to animals and the environment, I felt HHS would be a great steward of my charitable gifts.” Dr. Ryan struggled at first with how he could make an impact given his business is so young. This is where a little creativity came in.

“I knew making a one time contribution in the amount I desired would be challenging financially, so I approached HHS and asked if I could contribute the same amount, but do so in 12 monthly gifts.” This allowed him to meet his annual goal without negatively impacting his monthly business cash flow. HHS has been the delighted recipient of Dr. Ryan’s generosity on a monthly basis ever since. 

His specialty in primary spinal care led us to ask if he has any suggestions for pet owners in terms of remaining healthy and pain free. “If you have a larger dog that pulls on the leash when walking,” said Dr. Ryan, “try holding the leash with both hands in front of you instead of with just one hand. Holding the leash with one hand creates a twisting motion when your dog pulls and it puts a lot of pressure on the back. By holding the leash with two hands in front of you, the pressure is now straight forward and much easier on your back.”

While we hope no one experiences back pain, if you do have discomfort, we highly recommend seeing Dr. Ryan.

We Need You!

Why HHS?

We want you! We are in need of help in the following volunteer areas:

Dog Walkers
Dog & Cat Kennel Cleaners
Opening & Closing Help
Cat Socializers

For information, please see the Volunteering page of our website.

Bob and Kathy Mullenbach

Why HHS?

We love animals and live right next door!

Town: Hinsdale

Pets: None of our own, but we have 5 granddogs.

Volunteer since: July 2019

Volunteer jobs: Bob assists with marketing and admin issues and is a dog walker, also works events. Kathy is a greeter and works events.

Fun Fact: Bob is a retired professor and is a veteran having served in the Army Special Forces. Kathy is a retired banker and a Pez collector.

Iris Wadda

Why HHS?

I love the work they do and how welcoming everyone is. Plus my family loves fostering and helping the animals get healthier and ready for adoption!

Town: Brookfield, IL

Pets: 2 Chihuahuas (Taffy & Zoe), 2 Guinea Pigs (Tulip & Petunia), and lots of fish!

Volunteer since: March 2019

Volunteer jobs: Greeter, Foster Family, Dog Walker

Fun Fact: Taffy, our Chihuahua, is 12 years old but she is so tiny at 2lbs that she causes excitement everywhere we take her! (*Staff member, Kelsey Barry, has been known to steal Taffy at times!*

Leslie & Carlos Wilken

Why HHS?

This is close to home, it's a beautiful facility, and we love the people who work here. We wanted to be close to dogs and cats and do what we can to help them get their forever homes.

Town: Darien

Pets: Only fish right now.

Volunteer since: March 2019

Volunteer jobs: Greeter Desk

Fun Fact: We moved here from California for work and retired last December. We wanted to volunteer and to work with animals. We have four children and two grandchildren who live in California.

Ron Fiala

Why HHS?

I grew up with dogs and they have always been a part of my family’s life. When we adopted Hinsdale was our go to shelter for rescue pups. The staff was always helpful and we came to know it as a place that has dogs and cats best interest at heart. I enjoyed their training classes with Kym and that inspired me to become a volunteer dog walker. 

Town: Berwyn

Pets: A new pup I named Bo. I came in to walk dogs and this little guy looked at me and that was it, I took him home. He was a shy guy but my daughter’s dog Finn (From HHS), showed him the ropes and he definitely is a changed dog. Rory, my oldest daughter’s dog, is also from HHS.

Volunteer since: 2017

Volunteer jobs: STAR Dog Walker

Fun Fact: I love to fly fish. Bo sticks close to me and I think he will make a good fishing buddy. I also take blues harmonica lessons at The Old Town School of Folk Music.

Dietre Hayford & Bosco

Why HHS?

When I decided I would like to try pet therapy with Bosco, I looked into different ways to go about it. I saw that HHS offered it and knew that is where I would like to be. I admire so much what HHS is able to do for so many cats and dogs. Being a part of this organization is an honor.

Town: La Grange

Pets: Bosco, Cockapoo

Volunteer since: November, 2015

Volunteer jobs: Pet a Pet, READ, Spec Ed, CARe, Hospice

Fun Fact: My mother’s side of the family is from the island of St. Croix in the USVI. Our family goes back many generations there and even founded a rum distillery that is still distilling to this day; Cruzan Rum. My mother, as well as several other relatives, lives on island. We are lucky enough to go down for a couple weeks every summer. It has been very special to me to be able to take my kids down there, just as my mother took my sister and I there when we were kids.

Mike Bresolin & Jango

Why HHS?

I share the HHS mission in support of the compassionate treatment of animals. One of my goals when I retired was to fulfill a dream of being the human part of a pet therapy team. I was referred to the HHS Pet-a-Pet and Pet Partner programs by a close friend.

Town: Lombard

Pets: Jango - Labrador / Terrier Mix

Volunteer since: September 2017

Volunteer jobs: Pet a Pet, READ, Special Ed, Special Events

Fun Fact: I lived in Liverpool England for 2 years!

Kathleen Burns & Theo

Why HHS?

I always wanted to do pet therapy when I retired. I had just lost my 6th basset when I retired and Theo and Frisky (cat ) came up for adoption at the same time. Theo had been a therapy dog before I adopted him, so it was perfect. We had to take Frisky to get Theo.

Town: Burr Ridge

Pets: Theo - Basset Hound, Frisky - DSH Cat

Volunteer since: April, 2016

Volunteer jobs: Pet a Pet, Special Events

Fun Fact: Theo and I are trying to hike all the trails in the Cook County Forest Preserves

Dog Walkers

Why HHS?

Dog walkers like Linda Gordon work with our dogs that are ready to be adopted out to new homes. Volunteers work on socialization, leash behavior, and basic commands through hand signals.

This rewarding volunteer position provides our dogs with much needed one on one time with caring humans as well as fresh air and exercise.

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