Volunteer Spotlight

“Volunteering to serve others is the rent we pay for the space we occupy in this world.” – author unknown.

Volunteers at Hinsdale Humane Society are vital to our organization. With their help, we are able to provide continued care, love and attention to our four legged friends until they find their forever homes.

Ashley Gill

Why HHS?

HHS advocates through education and public service to encourage the compassionate treatment of animals and I support their mission wholeheartedly. As a volunteer, my heart fills with happiness as I see the dedication of each staff member that cares for every dog and cat and makes sure they are placed in proper homes to be cared for and loved unconditionally.

Town: Downers Grove

Pets: I don't have any pets at the moment, but we had a Beagle named Dakota who was the life of the party! She was the most loving, loyal and witty dog and we miss her deeply.

Volunteer since: 2015

Volunteer jobs: I am a yellow dog walker and I really enjoy providing exercise and companionship to the shelter dogs. I also assist with special events.

Fun Fact: I love staying busy so I volunteer my time on the Executive Board as Development Chair of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Chicago.

Liz Pechous

Why HHS?

I chose to volunteer at HHS because I love working with animals and I remember coming here when I was a Girl Scout.

Town: Elmhurst

Pets: Two cats. Their names are Cheddar and Merrily. My family adopted them when they were adults and they are the best of friends.

Volunteer since: Just this Spring, 2016

Volunteer jobs: Cat Socializer

Fun Fact: I am studying to become an Elementary Teacher.

Danny Herrera

Why HHS?

I've had at least one pet ever since I turned 18. I want to help get as many animals adopted as I can and hopefully what I do can put a different perspective on shelter animals. Although I have been volunteering at HHS for just 1 year, I hope to help for years to come.

Town: Woodridge

Pets: 2 cats, Boo and Tigger and 1 dog Wiley who I adopted 2 years ago from HHS

Volunteer since: 2015

Volunteer jobs: Videographer

Fun Fact:

Jazmin Patino

Why HHS?

HHS is proud to be part of the Hinsdale South Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program in which students learn applicable job skills while volunteering.

Town: Cicero

Pets: I have a small, light brown dog named Rocky

Volunteer since:

Volunteer jobs: Cat Socializing and Laundry Angel

Fun Fact: I am part of the deaf student program at Hinsdale South High School and love to play soccer.

Dee Downs

Why HHS?

I volunteer because I love animals.  Its amazing to see how different each shelter dog is. Some dogs are fun loving and are just happy to have a human that wants to take them for a walk and spend some one on one time with them. Then there are the dogs that come from puppy mills, hoarding situations or some other horrible situation. Those are the dogs that break my heart and at the same time keep me coming back. It is very rewarding to see a dog who came to us, very frightened, who had never seen a leash, had its paws touch grass or felt the touch of a human hand, learn to trust humans. Without places like HHS, these animals would never get a second chance to enjoy the remainder of their lives in a loving family.

Town: Elmhurst

Pets: I have a Weimeraner named Kahlua

Volunteer since: I've been a volunteer since February of 2013.

Volunteer jobs: I'm a red dog walker.

Fun Fact: I wouldn't be a volunteer at HHS if it weren't for my daughter who asked me to go with her to an orientation meeting. I had no idea such a program existed.

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