Veteran Engagement Opportunities

We welcome our Veteran Volunteers at HHS by paying for their dues through our Veterans and Pets Program. We provide an abundance of opportunities to volunteer around the shelter from dog walking to welcoming adopters at our front desk. Volunteering is a great way to interact with others who have a love for animals as well as interact with animals and help them prepare for their furever homes! Volunteering is a way to nurture that human-animal bond even if you can’t have a pet of your own! Our animals love you for showing up for them! Service animals welcome at our front desk Guest Experience Volunteer shift*.

Program Service Allowance:

  • Covers Volunteer Dues for Veterans
  • Veterans without Service Animals - All Assignments Available
  • Veterans with Service Animals (these positions keep you and your Service Animal’s safety in mind):
    • Front Desk Only
    • Tues-Fri Only
    • Vaccination records required to be up to date and on file for service animals*

Special Veteran Trainer Intern Volunteer Assignment

Our Trainer Intern Volunteer Assignment allows our Veterans to closely work with our Trainer and our shelter dogs. During this time Veterans assist with providing enrichment to our animals, work on new skill sets and tricks while providing positive reinforcement training that addresses behavioral issues alongside our trainer. Veterans play a part in nurturing and supporting that human animal bond while helping prepare our animals for their forever homes during these sessions. 

To volunteer with us, please fill out our Volunteer Application

Volunteer Dog Training Discount

Volunteers receive a general $25 discount on our regular training classes. In order to obtain the discount, you must be an active volunteer and must reach out to our Trainer prior to signing up for any classes online. Our Trainer will provide the discount and sign you up for the class. Signing up for the class on your own will not allow for a discount code nor will a reimbursement be received.

Pet Therapy

Animals are a medication without side effects. Pet Therapy can provide benefits in the areas of:

Mental Health: Animals provide acceptance without qualification. They offer nurturing, entertainment, socialization, mental stimulation, and for some, feelings of spiritual fulfillment. They can increase self-esteem and empathy and open channels of emotionally safe communication.

Physical Health: Animals can be used to increase an individual’s fine motor skills, wheelchair skills, and balance. They can also stimulate relaxation, leading to decreased heart rate and blood pressure.

Education: Animals don’t judge, creating a non-threatening learning environment. Also, being with an animal can be a great motivator to achieving learning goals.

We hold free monthly Pet Therapy sessions for Veterans and Military families alike at Hinsdale Humane Society. Pet Therapy Sessions include a 1 hour visit with our Pet Therapy teams and a tour of the shelter. Pet Therapy sessions are a great mental health boost if you’re looking to hang out with a pet but don’t have one of your own. During this session, you get to hang out with one of our pet therapy teams and talk about anything you want or nothing at all. These sessions are designed to relieve the stress of everyday life and provide relaxation. You can join a pre-scheduled pet therapy visit by signing up here or by emailing the Veteran Program Manager, at to set up a session that is convenient for you.*

*Based on Pet Therapy team availability*