Humane Education Programs

Hinsdale Humane Society offers a wide variety of instructor-led programs that teach important life skills, including kindness, compassion, and respect for all living things. To book a program for your school or group, contact the shelter at 630-323-5630 x 33 or

Sharing Sam

Grades: Pre-K - K

In this interactive program, children learn about proper, responsible pet care and appropriate interaction with animals. The Story “Tails Are Not For Pulling” by Elizabeth Verdick is read.

(30 minutes)

Paws, Claws, Feathers And Fins

Grades: 1-5

A children’s favorite! This entertaining and upbeat presentation discusses the responsibilities of pet ownership for dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, birds, reptiles, and fish. A video stresses things to consider before you get a pet, as well as general care.

(45-60 minutes)

A New Friend For Life

Grades: 2-5

This program uses a video and Power Point presentation to stress commitment, care, and compassion for domestic pets. The importance of spaying and neutering pets to prevent overpopulation is addressed. These concepts are described within the context of pet adoption from a shelter.

(35 minutes)

Safety Around Dogs

Grades: K-5

Just as children need to be taught how to be well-mannered around people, they need to be taught proper behavior around domestic animals. This presentation teaches children how to interact appropriately with dogs and cats in different situations.  For example, it teaches why animals may bite or scratch, how to read “danger signs”, and what to do if approached by an unknown animal.

(30 minutes)

Character Counts

Grades: K-5

This program stresses character building concepts when interacting with domestic animals. Emphasis is placed on loyalty, respect, responsibility, and citizenship in becoming a responsible pet owner. These concepts are then applied to our relationships with people.

(45-60 minutes)

Living With the Forest Preserve: Walking on the Wild Side

Grades: K-8

This presentation focuses on proper use and enjoyment of our Forest Preserve System. It includes information on history and governing laws.  It also discusses how to treat the forest’s inhabitants, as well as what to do if you find hurt or abandoned animals.

(30 to 60 minutes)

Endangered Species

Grade 5 - Adult

This program discusses how extinction has always been a part of the Earth’s natural processes.  However, in recent years, humans have dominated the Earth, changing the environment in drastic ways that have caused hundreds of species of organisms to disappear.

(45 minutes)

Tour of the Shelter and Educational Programs

Any Age

An inclusive tour of the shelter that takes visitors behind the scenes! Discussion of where our animals come from, and why getting an animal from a shelter is a compassionate choice..

(30 minutes)

Hinsdale Humane Society at Work: Servicing the Community, Upholding Our Mission


This PowerPoint presentation discusses the shelter’s mission, role in the community, and educational programs offered.  It also presents heart - warming stories of our adopted animals.

(30 - 45 minutes)

Pet Therapy Programs

Middle School, High School and Adult

A friendly visit from a trained therapy pet may be just what the doctor ordered! Learn how pet therapy can improve health, reduce anxiety, or increase self confidence. Hinsdale Humane Society offers 3 distinct pet therapy programs. We will talk about specific techniques used during pet therapy. A visit with a therapy dog is included. Appropriate for clubs, libraries or health care providers. 

(60 minutes)

No Pets Left Behind


What would you do with your pets in an unexpected disaster? Planning ahead can save your life and the lives of your family and pets. Executive Director Lori Halligan, received FEMA training on this topic and she’d love to share information with your club or library. 

(60  minutes)



Let us create a program tailored to your group’s specific needs.

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