HHS Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are a group of enterprising women helping to raise awareness of HHS through community outreach and events. So many lives have been positively impacted through the pet therapy programs, obedience classes, youth educational opportunities and a variety of other services available through HHS. Since their founding in 2014, the Ambassadors have been instrumental in helping spread the word to a wide audience by lending their expertise and creativity to a variety of fundraisers.
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HHS Ambassadors

Mistie Lucht (Howl-o-ween Ball Co-Chair)
Alison Jenzen (Howl-o-ween Ball Co-Chair)
Reem Hassaballa (Howl-o-ween Ball Design Co-Chair)
Kristen Venetsanopoulos (Howl-o-ween Ball Design Co-Chair) 
Walker Rediehs (Howl-o-ween Ball Auction Co-Chair)
Laura Glosniak (Howl-o-ween Auction Design Co-Chair)
Sarah Vossoughi (Howl-o-ween Auction Design Co-Chair)
Michelle Beaulieu
Grace Chaddah
Rosemary Clapacs
Kirsten Douglass
Malissa Empamano
Erin Goodwin
Beth Grunow
Puja Gupta
Liz Iozzo
Tracie Main
Ali Mason
Ami Parekh
Holly Patrick
Sara Peterson
Tammy Sluis
Irene Wood

Honorary Howl-o-ween Ball Chairs

Darlene Bingham
Alexis Braden
Megan Hickman
Cathy Hofmann
Gay Pollitt
Sally Porter
Tina Weller

Upcoming HHS Ambassador Events



Saturday, October 29, 2016
8:00pm to Midnight

Tickets are on Sale Now!




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