Love for Lucia!

Meet Lucia, a wonderful dog who came to us from our partners at Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC). Every day, CACC is flooded with stray and surrendered animals, forcing them to make very difficult decisions. In Lucia's case, she was discovered to be heartworm positive and had come down with a significant upper respiratory infection. These two factors deemed her ineligible for adoption through CACC and made her less likely to be accepted by a rescue group, as treating heartworm disease is very costly. With three hours to spare before her euthanasia deadline, we said YES to Lucia and a kind volunteer drove her to us, handing her over with tears in her eyes, so grateful that her life had been spared. She was immediately started on a course of two different antibiotics for her upper respiratory infection and will begin a heartworm treatment protocol as soon as she is feeling better.

We are grateful to our community; your continued support helps us give a second chance to animals like Lucia. 

HHS can only take on cases like Lucia's when it has the financial support of animal lovers like you. Please consider a donation in Lucia’s name to our Heartworm Treatment Program to help Hinsdale Humane Society care for her and the other heartworm positive dogs that will need our help in 2024.