President’s Circle

The mission of Hinsdale Humane Society has been stewarded by distinguished leaders from our communities. All of our former board presidents are listed to the right--they are owed our gratitude for their leadership. Since 1953, every board member has worked tirelessly to secure our future.

To acknowledge these distinguished leaders, in the fall of 2020 we launched the President’s Circle. You don’t need to be a board president to lead as an advocate for the animals in our care. 

Unrestricted, annual support of an organization’s mission is an extraordinary gift. It allows us to meet the greatest needs of the animals in our care and provide crucial programming, all in service to our compassionate mission. It also demonstrates your tremendous trust and faith in our work, and for that we are so very grateful. 

We invite you to become a member of this distinguished group of donors. who understand the importance of meeting the day to day needs of the organization, while keeping an eye on the horizon. You know the importance of living our mission every day, bringing compassionate care to the animals in our shelter.

Join the President's Circle

Join the President’s Circle with an annual, unrestricted annual fund gift of $2500 or more. We have a goal of 100 gifts at $2500+ for our annual fund. With this support, you will continue the tremendous tradition of securing today while envisioning tomorrow. 

Joining the President’s Circle includes recognition and benefits. You will be:

  • Recognized prominently as a member of the President’s Circle at the Pet Rescue & Resource Center (PRRC) and in our communications. 
  • Updated on the impact of your generosity.
  • Invited to leadership calls providing updates on our animals and community programming. 
  • Included in the annual President’s Circle thank you event. 

President's Circle Members

Matthew Booth
Norm Chimenti
Dave Deitrich
Jessica DeVries
Sharon Foley & Mark Schlosser
Mary Forester
David Garland & Karen Matusinec
Dave Grooms
Ami Hindia & Derek Schicht
Barbara & Paul Hollis
Elaine Jans
Mary & Marius Kriauciunas
Jill Marquardt
JoAnn & Tom McGuinness
Jane McLagan
Laurie Mc Mahon
Barbara Parsons
Anjali Peterson
Tom Salzman
Jay Schaldecker & Caroline Warren
Jeanne & Trey Van Dyke