President’s Circle

The mission of Hinsdale Humane Society has been stewarded by distinguished leaders from our communities. To acknowledge these distinguished leaders, in the fall of 2020 we launched the President’s Circle. 

Unrestricted, annual support of an organization’s mission is an extraordinary gift. It allows us to meet the greatest needs of the animals in our care and provide crucial programming, all in service to our compassionate mission. It also demonstrates your tremendous trust and faith in our work, and for that we are so very grateful. 

We invite you to become a member of this distinguished group of donors. who understand the importance of meeting the day to day needs of the organization, while keeping an eye on the horizon. You know the importance of living our mission every day, bringing compassionate care to the animals in our shelter.

Join the President's Circle

President's Circle Members - annual gift

Any donor who gives an unrestricted annual gift of $2,500 or more (meaning not designated to our BJ Angel Fund Endowment, Zach Leathers Emergency Medical Fund Endowment, Capital Campaign, or large naming opportunity) is part of the President's Circle.

President’s Circle Benefits

  • Recognized prominently as a member of the President’s Circle at the Pet Rescue & Resource Center (PRRC) and in our communications
  • Updated on the impact of your generosity.
  • Invited to quarterly calls with the Executive Team  providing updates on our lifesaving work with animals and our community outreach
  • Invited  to rent our space for a private event
  • Provided with President’s Circle Designation when attending all HHS Events

President's Circle Members

Matthew Booth
Chris and Julie Boruff
Norm Chimenti
Peter and Stephanie Crist
Roger and Julie Davis
Dave Deitrich
Andi and Daniel Derrington
Anne and Berry DeSimone
Jessica DeVries
William and Amelia Eakins
Mary Forester
David Garland and Karen Matusinec
Roger and Donna Godel
Dave Grooms
Ami Hindia and Derek Schicht
Paul and Barbara Hollis
Elaine Jans
Jeffrey Jens and Ann Boisclair
Jonathan Kasen and Anjali Iyengar
Mary and Marius Kriauciunas
Sarah and Jim Livingstone
Jill Marquardt
Tina Martinez
Chris McClear
JoAnn and Tom McGuinness
Jane McLagan
Laurie McMahon
Barbara Parsons
Anjali Peterson
Sam and Victoria Reed
Tom and Amy Salzman
Jay Schaldecker and Caroline Warren
Jay and Janet Tuthill
Mark Schlosser and Sharon Foley
Jeanne and Trey Van Dyke
Richard and Mary Veed

1953 Society Members

Diana Aldridge
David and Suzanne Arch
Neil and Chris Cordin Blitstein
Andrew and Donna Brickman
Linda Budzyna
Nick and Carol Ciaglia
Doug Cummings
Erin Davis
Laura Donohue
Judith Eshleman
Barbara Feller
Aldona Laska Gancarz
Martha Garnett
Roy and Connie Giuntoli
Dawn Glenn
John and May Haarlow
Martin and Marjory Hobbs
Edward and Jan Huskisson
Robert Janicki
Jeffrey Jens and Ann Boisclair
Patricia Johnson
Geri Kinnear
Roger and Elizabeth Klepacki
David and Vickie Klick
Stephen and Deborah Kraus
James and Debra Krillenberg
Patti LaMantia
Robert and Linda LaMontagne
Joseph and Carol Lizzadro
Barbara Lorsbach
Laurie McMahon
Mark and Donna Smith-Montalbano
Paul Mumford
John and Marilyn Newlin
Dorothy Oremus
Martha Patterson
Duke and Nancy Petrovich
Charles and Judith Ann Porta
Jim and Sally Porter
John and Joyce Putz
Carol Pyle-Weaver
Mary Long
Moira Rice
John Schofield
Matthew Stefanich
Linda Sticklen
Cathleen Carlin Stoelting
Andrea Thome
Jay and Janet Tuthill
James and Lauren Tvrdik
William and Jennifer Voss
Jack Williams