Superstar Level Fundraising Ideas

Want to take your fundraising to the next level? Consider these additional fundraising ideas:


Use hashtags to help more friends, families and associates find your fundraiser on social media. Here are some options we love: #(yourname) #(yourpet’sname) #animalrescue #adoptlove #adoptdontshop #animallovers #animalrescue #animalwelfare #helpingpetsandpeople #makingadifference #hinsdalehumanesociety #petrescueandresourcecenter

Match it

Offer to match the donations coming in. Example: “For every gift you give, I will give $5 too up to $100!”

Work it

Offer an action for gifts. This can be serious or silly. Examples: “For every gift of $50, I’ll do 20 jumping jacks in my backyard… in shorts during the first snowfall.” OR “For every gift over $15, I’ll watch your pup for an evening out.”

Inspire it

Ask your donors to make gifts in honor of, in memory of, or in lieu of (a birthday or other celebration). These types of gifts are an incredible way to offer your friends and family a way to give to the places and things that matter to you.

Make the dollars work

Giving examples of what a donor’s money can do is very powerful. Use these dollar “handles” to help engage with your fundraiser.

  • $1,000: Covers the cost of a life saving surgery for a special needs animal.
  • $600: You can protect 12 shelter animals by providing them heartworm treatment. This disease, in which parasites live in the actual heart muscle and flow throughout the bloodstream, is fatal without treatment.
  • $300: You can help a “harder to adopt” dog find his or her forever home by sponsoring an adoption fee and providing a 6 week training class.
  • $250: You can bring meaningful camp experiences for a child who, because of financial challenges, may not otherwise be able to attend one of the camps through our Campership program.
  • $100: You can provide giveaway bookmarks for children participating in the Therapaws Pet Therapy READ program through schools, libraries and special education programs.
  • $30: You can make sure 3 animals are microchipped. Dogs without microchips are returned to their owners 21.9 percent of the time—that number more than doubles to 52.2 percent for microchipped dogs. Microchipped cats are 20 times more likely to be reunited with their owner.