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Our staff member Carla took some time to reflect on her work with our animals and the importance of family now more than ever. We love what she had to say about animal welfare and our human and animal families:

“This year more than ever, family is so important! Having a passion to make a difference in the world within your family, is also important. I was asked to write about my family’s love and passion for helping homeless animals in our world.

My journey in rescue began as a young child. My family has always been involved in the rescue of animals, whether it be an injured opossum, or animal control shutting down, and all of the animals coming to our home until either the owners came or we placed them in rescues. Rescue has meaning to it. It’s not just to save an animal from death or cruel conditions… it's about giving that animal the love and care it has never had.

Our passion at HHS goes beyond bringing animals in the back door and adopting them out the front door. Some animals have not had a good meal, blanket or even a toy to play with. Ever! Those things are ready to go the moment they come into our family.

Our medical staff are here for them to give them the attention they need as they come in. And of course the first affection some animals may have ever had are given to them here as well.

We don’t just feed our animals. We evaluate every animal’s nutritional needs and whether it’s wet food for a dog with dental or food allergy issues, or an animal needing extra feedings to get to a healthy weight, we provide them with what they need.

We know some animals have been neglected and/or have had no human contact... we are more than happy to go sit in a kennel or next to a cat condo, and allow them to build trust with us until they accept the love we have to offer.

Some just need training and enrichment which is done with our trainer and staff. We work hard with our animals behind the scenes so we can match that fur baby to a home that fits. When you adopt from us, volunteer, or donate, you are part of the HHS family, and are helping to change the world. 

I have three daughters who all have passion for animals and for changing the world. Not all the animals that we foster have that amazing ädoption story. Mimi (a mini pinscher) was tossed out of a car. She was brought to HHS where we knew, due to her old age and medical issues, that her time with us would be short.

Before I even took her home, the staff at HHS walked her in a stroller, let her be in the office, even when she missed the pee pad, and gave her unconditional love. Then I took her home and my family gave her love, a warm fluffy bed and spoiled her, until she told us it was time to let her go. It may not always be the quantity of time you give an animal that matters, but the quality of love that we give to one another and to our fur babies that matter. 

From my family, and from our family of staff and furry friends, we thank you for thinking about homeless animals in need this holiday season. Please consider a donation to help other pets like Mimi feel special, wanted and loved. Until they all have homes, we’ll be their family, watching over them.”



Carla Wudi

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Diane Holstrom
Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 5:22 PM

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