When the Match Isn’t Right

Celebrating pets and the people who love them!
Sometimes a relationship is not successful. If keeping your companion animal becomes impossible, please notify Hinsdale Humane Society of plans for placement or make an appointment at 630-323-5630 to return the animal to the shelter. 

Animals in our lives provide a blessing and an opportunity to share the world with another species. It is a responsibility to take seriously. 

“Working through” behavior and medical issues will deepen your relationship with your animals and provide a valuable lesson to children and adults that the bond is indeed one that will endure tough times and last for the lifetime of your pet. “Getting rid” of an animal because it does not meet expectations, has not been taught good manners, or needs expensive medical care is a poor example of animal ownership. 

All of us at Hinsdale Humane Society want to be sure you made the right pet choice and to keep the loving bond for the lifetime of the pet. Please call us at 630-323-5630 with any questions you may have; we are glad to assist!

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