Playing, Biting, Sleeping and Relaxing


Buy, or make, a few cat toys. Playing and hunting desires can be closely related. A nice mouse toy can be used for a fun chase game, and allowing the cat to catch the toy mouse will help satisfy hunting desires. Most cats will play with anything that moves! 

When you play, be sure to avoid wrestling or rough­housing with your hands. Otherwise, it teaches the cat that it’s all right to use claws and teeth on you. 

Avoid string, wool, curling ribbon (used for gift packages), or anything similar, as cats can ingest these substances and cause serious internal problems. 

If you work all day, greet your cat affectionately when you arrive home and give him a few minutes of your undivided attention. Allow your pet to be with you in the evening. A brief play period and just being petted every evening will keep him happy. Set time aside for longer play periods. Many behavior issues are avoided by spending quality time with your cat. 


Some cats are gentle while others are rowdy with nipping/biting.  Biting, even while playing, is natural, but should not be encouraged.

  • You can avoid getting your hand bitten by not using your hand as a toy for your cat. 
  • Biting may also be saying that your cat has had enough petting or playing. So stop what you are doing and leave kitty alone. 
  • Stroking your cat near its tail and on the belly may also elicit biting behavior. Avoid petting in that area as biting is a natural reaction to that stimulation. 
  • You can retrain kitty by playing gently and using interactive toys such as feather wands and boas.
  • If your cat tries to bite, remove all attention so as not to inadvertently reward inappropriate behavior.

Sleeping and Relaxing

Cats love high places to perch and look out from and cozy safe places to hide and sleep. You can buy “kitty condos” or leave suitable closets open. NOTE: always check that your cat is not inside before closing pretty much anything —especially the dryer! 

Letting your cat sleep on your bed and relax on your lap will add pleasure and contentment to her life and yours! (Cats can sleep as much as 18 hours a day.) 

Know that your bed time may not be the same as your cat’s; they are largely nocturnal. Your cat’s increased activity around the bedroom or house at some early morning hour is not a behavior problem, just instinctual. Playing with your cat prior to your bed time and feeding your cat when you go to bed may help her sleep peacefully at night.

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