The First Two Weeks

Cats in Your Home?    

Follow all of the tips in our Introduction to Resident Pets section in addition to:

  • Supervise, supervise, supervise every interaction!
    Put the new cat in a separate room as soon as you get home.
  • Let the cats sniff under the door and get used to the new scents.
  • Give treats to the cats on either side of a closed door.
  • Introduce your most friendly cat first.
  • Do NOT allow one cat to attack another.
  • Even if all seems well, separate when you’re not at home to supervise.
  • Do not force a meeting, and never restrain your cat (especially in your lap!).
  • The slower you go, the better the outcome.

Dogs in Your Home?      

Follow all of the tips in our Introduction to Resident Pets section in addition to:

  • Allow the cat time to adjust in a cat-safe room for a few days.
  • Let the dog and cat sniff each other under the door.
  • Keep the dog leashed when he sees the cat, and give the dog tasty food treats (or his favorite reward) for sitting/lying calmly and staying relaxed in sight of the cat.
  • Do not restrain the cat in your lap or arms; allow the cat freedom to move away if she needs to.
  • Do not allow your dog to become aroused or excited with the new cat around. This can lead to chase/prey drive.  
  • Separate the new cat when left alone; put her in her “safe” room.

Kids in Your Home?  

Follow all the tips in our Cats and Kids section in addition to:

  • Supervise, supervise, supervise every interaction!
  • Do not allow your children to be rough with the cat – instead, have them scratch the cat on its head only.
  • Do not scratch a cat on its belly or pull its tail.
  • It is best if children do not pick up the cat or squeeze too tightly.
  • Do not let children crowd or corner the cat.
  • Do not have visiting children until the cat has settled.
  • Do not let the kids try to pull a cat out of hiding.
  • Never let children chase a cat or grab for a running cat.
  • Teach children to carefully LET GO if the cat struggles in their arms.

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