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Story koda


Hi! Just wanted to send you a thank you! Koda is a sweet and bright puppy! He's doing well with potty training and walks very nicely on a leash, He is learning to sit and wait at doors and gates and learning to be polite. He really is just a joy! ! He is also hysterical to watch when he decides to 'dig' in his water bowl and splash water everywhere! !

We are having such fun with him and our son Max just loves him to pieces!!

I sent some pictures of him outside and in our kitchen. He loves to move his food and water bowls around and then lay near them...or in them! Makes us laugh!  

So thank you for the wonderful addition to our family!

Sincerely,  Pamela Shabica :-)

Story mia


Mia (Pit bull mix) is doing great.  She loves it here in UT.  We have an off-leash dog park that is nestled in the mountains.  It's a wide open space, that is more than a mile around.  It has a creek, hills to climb, meadows to run across and tons of dogs to hang out and play with.  She is very social and loves her play time.  That park is her favorite spot.  But she also loves to run the trails with us when we are running or biking.  She gets about an hour (or more) of off-leash exercise about 6 days a week. She is a snuggler and one of her favorites times of the day is to get up between us on the couch, on her special fleece blanket, and sleep with her head nestled into one of our legs.  We also have a fenced in backyard and she plays out there with her toys, or sits in the sun. She is obedient, so sweet and loving, smart, athletic and such a wonderful dog.  We adore her. And we think she has a pretty nice doggie life.

Story charlie waffle

Charlie and Waffle

They are sweet boys and adjusting well. They get walked or run every day, and they have new names that they are learning quickly (Waffle is now Gunner and Charlie is now Scout).  As you can see from the photo, they have made themselves right at home.

Thank you for helping them into our lives.

Story hannah


I adopted a 2 yr old Basset Hound named Hannah from you 3 months ago.  She has brought me so much joy.  My days are so much fun since I adopted Hannah.  The minute I saw her I knew she was meant for me.

Story milo lola

Milo and Lola

Hi Hinsdale Humane Society,

Just wanted to give you an update on Milo & Lola, the 2 cats we adopted on March 17. They have adjusted incredibly well and are getting along fabulously with our cat Spridle and our Corgi Mason. They have completely captured our hearts! They are both so lovable and so funny! They love to play and keep a good watch from the living room window.

Thank you so much for all the work you do at Hinsdale Humane Society. We have 3 beautiful cats that all came from you. What a blessing you are!



Hi just a few lines to say how satisfied we are with the people that work at your Shelter. Katie, the girl that took care of me and my family, was great. Your shelter is very clean and plesant to be in. We are enjoying Sasha our new Chow Chow. She is great. We couldn't ask for a better and loving dog! She has seen our vet. and she got the shot she needed. She has been to our groomer and looks beautiful! She is taking her medicine like a good girl. We all love her dearly. Thanks again.

Story cody2


In April, 2013, it will be 10 years since we walked into Hinsdale Humane Society.  We were looking for a dog that could travel with us. They told us that they had an older, big dog in the back, and would we mind if they brought her out. When they came out from the back they told Cody to give my husband a hug.  Cody went up to my husband, stood on her hind legs, put her paws on his shoulders and gave him a hug.  It was all over!  She was our dog - no doubt about it. By the way, she still gives hugs, though she can no longer stand on her hind legs.

In the last 10 years, Cody has traveled all over with us. She used to walk at least 5 miles a day, but we both have gotten older (she is now 14) so we don't go as far anymore. But, we do walk daily. Sometimes though, you would think when she runs through the fields in Central Illinois that she still is a puppy. I can't keep up with her!

By far we hit the lottery when we walked into Hinsdale Humane Society. There can't be a better dog in the world and I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world. She is my best friend. Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Story bogart


My parents adopted Bogart for me when I was only a 6th grader (16 years ago). He has been an amazing addition to the family these past 16 years. You will be happy to know he always gets his way: whether its drinking ice cold water from a glass that we must pour for him or us sitting on the floor while he sleeps in a recliner. Just last year Bo had a 2 pound tumor removed from his liver, but he has made a full recovery and is back to his old self!

We just want to thank The Hinsdale Humane Society for giving us 16 years with such an amazing family member! We hope for many more years! Thank you!

Story maxx


Maxx was adopted at HHS when he was 8 weeks old. He pased away 2-7-11. He had a great life and was loved by his family very much. He was not one to sit in your lap very long but he aways wanted to know what you were doing. He would often lay on the edge of the desk as you worked on the computer or would lay on the floor with the family as we watched tv. He loved the toys he would get for Christmas and would even open his own gift (although the cat nip surely helped him figure which gift was his!). He will be missed very much, but the pictures, videos, and memories we have of him will allow us to look back and smile as we remember his personality, the love he gave back, and the special way he could make your worst day better after a hard day at work or school.

Story june


June would like you to know that she is doing well, having happily adjusted to both her Westmont and Tucson homes.  (The enclosed photos show her enjoying her bedroom window spot in Tucson.)  She has proved to be a good traveler as well as a steady companion.  I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy her ready purr and friendliness--such a sweetheart!  Hello to everyone who took such amazing care of her before she was adopted in November!

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