Adoption Stories



We came to you a very sad family, having lost two pets recently. After exploring your website, we knew we wanted to meet then Sylvester. After our interview you told us you had a good cat in mind for us. It was Sylvester!

He has filled the cat paw holes in our hearts. He a sweet, loving, likes to be carried around, friend.

Thank you for all the work you do matching pets with families and caring so well for the pets looking for homes. Our facility is always clean, warm and inviting too.

The Horton Family

Story lily


Here's our Lily.  She purrs a lot, sleeps in the bed rather than on the bed, and is a bird watcher ... from inside the house of course!  We love her, and we think she likes us too!

Thanks so much!
Kristin Flanders

Story whispy


I always thought that adult cats were left at the Humane Society because they had problems. Was I wrong. A few years ago I adopted such a cat, named Pickles, from Hinsdale Humane Society. She stared at me from her cage with her beautiful face and that was all it took. I gave her a happy place to live and changed her name (she is now Whispy). She has been a perfect pet, is well behaved and such good company. I hope others consider adult cats when adopting a pet.

Story tiger


After meowing the entire way home, Tiger hid in a bedroom for maybe 2 minutes. Then, he began to explore and play with the toys, purr, and sit on my lap. Within an hour he wanted out of that room and we let him explore a second room. The kids found him so comfortable that they gave him the run of the house about three hours after bringing him home!  

Linda Lunt

Story midnight

Arthur Pendragon

I just wanted to send an update on Arthur Pendragon (formerly Midnight). He always wants to be in my lap or nuzzling my face. Arthur is a great addition to the family. He's such a lover.

After a few early stumbles, Arthur gained the confidence to explore the house. He enjoys playing with the multitude of cat toys we have (Merlin, our other cat, is surprisingly eager to share). Arthur is still getting accustomed to the dogs and seems to be growing more curious than scared.

Thank you so much for this wonderful kitty. He is very loved in his new home,

Lauren Jankowski, with Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Lucy, and Turbo (who's not an HHS alumni but loves the ones he lives with)

Story dolly


In early October my two teenage sons and I adopted Dolly, the 14-week old St. Bernard. She was 38 lbs. of puppy fun. I am writing to thank the Hinsdale Humane Society for bringing us together. With a couple of weeks to go before she hits 6 months, Dolly now weighs 65 lbs. and is continuing to thrive. I cannot begin to explain the joy that she has brought to our family. Dolly is awkward and stubborn and so loveable; she is the perfect addition to our clan. We are so thankful that Dolly chose us! She could not be more loved. Thank you to all for the hard work and loving care that she was provided during her “stay” at HHS. This was a match made in heaven!

Story sadie


We adopted our puppy Sadie (Boxer/Labrador) in April. We would like to thank you for allowing us to adopt her. She is a gem - better than we ever imagined. She's right at home, her training is going well, and we are enjoying every minute of having her.  Thanks again for all you guys at the Humane Society do for these wonderful animals.



A HUGE thank you to Hinsdale Humane Society and their incredible staff! Our family had been looking for the right addition to our family and we found him at your facility! Finn (Terrier/Lab pup) is quickly adjusting to our household, loves playing with his canine brother, Arty and is making great strides in his puppy class. We will continue to recommend Hinsdale Humane to anyone looking to adopt.



I have a Pit Bull named Star (pictured) that I adopted from HHS when she was 10 weeks old. She is now 8 years old and she is wonderful!


I am writing to up date you on a cat I adopted June 12,2011.Her name is MUFFIN. I saw her on your website and fell in love with her picture. I inquired about her and 2 weeks later took her home. I lost my previous cat of 20 years & NEVER thought I would find a cat like him ever again, but muffin is the sweetest, most loveable, adorable  cat in the world. She has been a wonderful addition to our family & we all LOVE  her dearly.  I want you to know how happy we are to have her in our family. She is always in someones lap or cuddling in my neck. I love it!

Thank you for muffin. I couldn't imagine life without her now.

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