Adoption Stories



Allie, formerly Ali, is living the good life! She is so affectionate! She sleeps in bed in between us. Thank you for a lovely kitty 



I wanted to let you know how much we love Chloe (Jordy).  Tom, being the Green Bay Packer fan he is, felt she should be named after Jordy Nelson, so that's her name now. She is such a joy! She is just a a bundle of energy. She is adorable. She loves to snuggle and she loves to play.



Where do I begin to start to thank you - all the staff at Hinsdale Humane Society! We adopted Willard, a Lab/Australian Cattle Dog this past weekend. My family and I had such a wonderful experience with you all! We knew it right when we walked into the warm and welcoming shelter that we would have a good experience. EVERYONE WHO WORKS WITH ALL THESE ANIMALS ARE AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST! Every animal was so well cared for and they're so sweet and kind to all the kitties and pups there!

Willard is the most kind, sweet, gentle furry giant baby I have ever met! He's truly an amazing dog - I don't feel we rescued him, he truly rescued us! Thank you all. We will bring Willard by as soon as he is all healed from his surgery! Thank You So much HINSDALE HUMAINE SOCIETY!



Four years ago we came to one of your adoption events and adopted our Chevy. He is the best addition to our family and such a mommy's boy! He is so smart & funny! It didn't take him long to come out of his shell! I can't thank you guys enough for what you do.


Emma & Ellie

We adopted two dogs from HHS last summer. We adopted Emma and Ellie on July 9th and our lives have never been the same, as we love “The Girls” more than we ever thought possible. I am so glad I checked out your website almost a year ago. When I clicked on their picture and saw them looking back at me – I just knew they were the ones! Everyone loves them – including my fantastic dog walker. They are so lovable. Thank you Hinsdale Humane Society!



I recently adopted Scooby from you and I wanted to send a quick update because of how elated I am! He and Mozart (my other pup) have been playing, licking, and cuddling nonstop! They have both been whining because I am keeping them separate for a bit because of Scooby's surgery. Anyway, Scooby is such a delightful, happy pup and I can't stress how glad I am that his personality (charming with a hint a crazy) grooves so well with Mozart's. In fact, as I speak, Scooby is cleaning Mozart's ear! 

They are two very happy and TIRED dogs together! Thank you so much for all your help and I hope to visit with my two guys soon!


Harry & Leo

I just thought you might want to hear how Harry and Leo doing. They are adjusting nicely. They are really nice cats. Thank you so much!



I have to tell you how much we love Petey. It's hard to believe it's been three years already! His spunky personality matches that of our daughter. Two peas in a pod. Thank you for this cutey pie!



This is Queenie's new mom and I wanted to let everyone know that Queenie did very well her first night with us. She is eating, drinking and using her cat box just fine. She slept like a queen and it turns out she is a big fan of sheepskin. She freely hops up on the furniture but not counters, tables, sinks, etc. 

We can tell she's happy to be back in a home and doesn't seem to be bothered by the dishwasher, garbage disposal or any other household noises. We found that Queenie prefers ceramic food and water dishes over plastic (can't blame her) and she doesn't seem to mind the tacky polka dotted collar with a bell that my kid picked out for her (I will more than likely remove that bell...) I think Queenie will be very happy with us :)



Ellie is now 1 year old. An amazing kitty and now bigger than her 8 year old brother, Bailey.

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