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I adopted a bengal cat from you about two weeks ago and just wanted to send along an update and some pictures! 

His name, originally Cloud, is now Orion (I stuck with the sky theme and gave him a constellation name). He's settled in quite quickly and easily into my home. He loves any sort of moving feathered toy and short chats throughout the day (his little chattering is so sweet). He also thinks the swiffer is a mysterious toy that he must follow whenever I'm cleaning the floor.

He's a fantastic little companion and I'm so happy I saw his picture on your website at the beginning of June. Thank you so much for being a great humane society to adopt from during this covid season. I hope you enjoyed the update and have a wonderful rest of the week!




It’s been a bit over a year now since I adopted your heartworm positive poster boy. Thanks for the great care you gave him throughout...all the way to his complete recovery.

Ranger turned out to be quite the gardener and enjoys “helping” me dig. I think husky is part of his mix based on the personality that emerged. He’s quite the song and dance man and keeps me laughing. Your adoption staff was great help in making the match.



Chérie came to her forever home just over a month ago, and she has been a joy! Her favorite past times include chasing her ball, snoozing on her favorite chair, and cuddling. When I first met her, everyone at the HHS said she was “the BEST cat”, and they were right! Chérie is the best cat, and is so happy in her new home. Thank you, HHS, for helping bring us together.



I adopted Bailey in May 2020. It was love at first sight for me, and she is growing up fast! Her middle initials are C.R. for cardiac rehab, as she walks me 2 miles several times a week. She has discovered TP.

We are in puppy training, and she is my little love. 

Thank You!



I wanted to send you an adoption update on my cat! I adopted Mistletoe in February. I since then have changed her name to Penny.

Penny is the best cat I could have asked for! She is so sweet, loving, and playful. The best personality I’ve ever seen in a cat. She even knows how to play fetch! Not sure how she learned that, but she can play fetch for hours if it was up to her! She’s very curious and follows me around everywhere I go. She adjusted to her new home very quickly!

I wanted to say thank you to all of the employees and volunteers who work at this humane society. You made the adoption process so fun and exciting! The people at the front desk were incredibly friendly, and the people in the cat room were so helpful. They helped me find my best friend! I was speechless when I left the shelter, I was so impressed at the whole process! Blown away :)

Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up! I cannot say enough good things about this shelter. The next time I adopt an animal, I will definitely be coming to you.

I’ve attached some pictures of Mistletoe/Penny . Please pass these along to the volunteers who cared for her. They did an amazing job, I’m totally obsessed with her!


Jonah and Moses

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with adopting 2 kittens recently. Ellen was so much help! We did rename them ... Soy is Jonah and Almond is Moses. I've attached pictures of them in their happy new home. 



Olive (formerly Tori) seems very happy at her new home and has settled in great! Because she's a smart girl, she was house broken from day 1. She is still her sweet and goofy self, and can seamlessly transition from a cuddle pup to major zoomies in milliseconds. She still refuses to accept that she is in fact a 60 lb pitbull. This is most apparent when she decides she wants to curl up in your lap, but does this from a leap while seated facing away from you on the floor in a way I've seen several times and still cannot comprehend. 

Olive's favorite things are cuddling with mom, playing rough with Dad, going on long walks or to the dog park, playing with her stuffed dragon, and peanut butter filled Kongs.



I wanted to give an you an update on Myrtle (who was known as Swirls while at Hinsdale Humane Society).

Myrtle was surrendered after being a backyard breeder dog with numerous health issues. She was heart worm positive, badly in need of dental care, and had a polyp growing in one of her badly cropped ears.

She finished her heart worm treatments in May of 2019 and was given the go ahead for having dental work done. She ended up having 15 teeth removed in that procedure.

Fast forward to now and she loves everything about life! She loves to play at daycare with her dog friends (puppies and small dogs are her favorite because she gets to act like a mama dog to them) but equally loves her numerous beds around the house. She’s a goofball and does anything for socks or ice cubes.

I want to thank Hinsdale Humane Society for bringing us together. Myrtle Moo the Land Seal is loving life and I’m thankful that HHS helped bring her into my life.


Meowy Poppins

Just wanted to tell you that this great cat I adopted yesterday is LOVELY and loving it here at my home in Burr Ridge! She is wonderful and loving and fabulous!!



This is one GREAT dog. Three days of adjustment, and he totally took our hearts. Very affectionate, COMPLETELY house-trained, and crate-trained. A soft chewer, in addition to toys, he has a fondness for the fringe of our Oriental rug. All crate time is voluntary, except when we leave the house. We're going to start him not crated alone soon

Thank you so much for being there for these wonderful, sentient beings.

Adrian was an excellent counselor, very professional and engaged with the dogs. The process was very smooth.

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