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ID: D894

Breed: Retriever

Weight: 60 pounds

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male (Neutered)

Child Approval: 5 years of age or older

Adoption Fee: $350.00

Have you ever been on your daily walk and wanted a friendly presence for company, but many of your friends were busy? Well, ditch human friends and meet Darius, your new walking buddy! Although by being a dog he comes with much more responsibility, if you are ready to meet his needs and wants, Darius is the perfect fit for your active lifestyle. Even if the temperatures are warm, this boy loves to walk and sniff around, happy to accompany you on your daily activities. What’s even better is that this furry friend is a constant in your life, so there is no need to say goodbyes after a day out, like with human friends. Instead, you can indulge in post-workout cooldown with tons of water and treats (as well as resting on cool floors, as Darius loves to do!). So get your steps in and adopt Darius, perhaps you’ll meet a walking buddy!

My vaccinations are up to date

I have been neutered

My health has been checked

I’m ready to go home today!

All Dog Adoptions Include:

  • General health exam
  • Inoculation against distemper and other canine diseases
  • De-worming
  • Flea/ear mite treatment, if applicable
  • Heartworm test (dogs 6 months of age or older)
  • Heartworm preventative while at HHS (April through November)
  • Microchip
  • Lifetime ID tag (on HHS registry)
  • Free medical exam at West Suburban Veterinary Associates