Adoption Stories


I just wanted to drop you a quick email to update you on a dog you adopted out. I adopted Molly (a black Austrian Cattle Dog mix with burns on her back) from you earlier this summer and just wanted to let you know she is doing well and is all settled into her new home! She is such a sweet girl who loves everyone, especially kids and elderly ladies. While she is not much of a swimmer, she loves going to the dog beach and running up and down shoreline. Molly is the world best listener and I am thankful everyday she is part of my life. Molly and I are so grateful for all the great work you do! Your effort to give dogs a second chance and forever home is important and so appreciated! Thanks again!


I just wanted to give you an update on Roscoe, who was selected from your shelter to be trained as a service dog for a wounded Marine named Chris. Roscoe progressed through positive reinforcement-based, specialized training with flying colors, and is now supporting Chris every day while he continues to serve the United States from a base in Northern Illinois. When we met Roscoe, he was considered a challenging dog and a questionable service dog prospect by some of the HHS staff we initially spoke with. Luckily, Jenny had faith and allowed the adoption, and the rest is history! Roscoe and Chris needed each other, and I truly appreciate the opportunity I was granted when I was entrusted to serve as their trainer.


Hello my name is Brandon and I wanted to send a message about Chyenne, the Norweigan Elkhound mix that my wife and I adopted couple months ago. First and foremost thank you for everything you do and we loved the adoption process. Katie was our person of contact so if somehow she can get this message that be great!

Adopting Chyenne was a great challenge at first. She is not like any other dog my wife and I ever met, and let me say again it was REALLY, really challenging. Since she had zero social skills, didn't play, disliked people (mainly men), and went through unbelievable separation anxiety, we tried everything in the book to help her. But as time went on, Chyenne started to realize that we are her family and nothing is going to take her away from us. She and I are like best friends and where I go she goes. She now realizes the cat is not lunch and they both sit near each other all the time. We bring in a dog walker three times a day while we are at work and she loves it. Walks right along with other dogs, allows people to get close to her and is doing better than we ever could of imagined given the difficult start.

Amazingly just a couple of days ago she started playing fetch with her bone and I remembered Katie saying she loves tummy rubs. I think that was the understatement of the year. She gets so many tummy rubs by everyone that she is pretty much going bald on her stomach.

So a big thank you for helping Chyenne, our beloved dog, and know she is doing very well, making progress every day, and life wouldn't be the same without her.


I adopted Copper an 8yr old orange tabby from Hinsdale Humane Society. I wanted to say thank you. He has been such a great addition to our family! The most laid back cat ever. Sure made himself right at home. Love my big Orange kitty!!!


Wanted to tell you how grateful we are. 4 years ago we adopted "Pyro", an adorable 12 week old orange kitten. He now goes by the name Kerity. He had been adopted and returned due to a child's allergy. Boy, we got the best kitty! He is such a happy, joyful friend to Patches our other cat, adopted thru you 12 years ago. Just wanted to tell you we are so happy with both our boys.

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