Adoption Stories


Puma is doing well since I adopted him back in August 2013. He has grown to loving his new place and a few toys I have for him. Once I found out he is a tunnel cat, I started buying him those and he LOVES them! He goes in them all the time. He sleeps with me every night and always has his back right up against my chest. When I wake up, he comes up to my face and licks me for a while.

Everyone loves him! Whenever my friends drop by, he always greets them at the door and head butts their legs. He gets lots of pets, cuddles, food, water, and room to stretch out. He’s actually lying on my lap right now as I’m typing this. He is a wonderful cat and I’m really thankful I found him. Or more like we found each other.


We adopted Chloe from you last year around October. Alan helped us connect to her. She had just had puppies. had never had a bath, was diffident and was in need of some TLC. Once home she didn't bark for more than a month.  She didn't know how to use to stairs, so my son made a bed next to her every night on the living room floor. We are happy to report she now uses the stairs with no issues, has learned that car rides are actually fun, and fits right into our family as if it was meant to be. Thank you again for connecting us. She makes us laugh on a daily basis!


10 years ago on July 10th my family adopted a little black and white cat named Queenie. We loved her and she loved us back for 10 years. She was a part of the family: she sat on Mom's quilting, snuggled while I studied and knitted, and enjoyed snacks provided by Dad. She was the true only child and was spoiled to no end. When I went away to college, she didn't understand where I went and slept in my room. She always purred when I came home on the weekends and I would sit down to pet her first. Today, my sweet cat passed away in her sleep at 13 1/2 years of age. I miss her dearly and home is very different without her here.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives ten years ago.


This is Digger, now 1. We appreciate all your efforts, and putting the animals first! Thank you for completing our family.


We adopted Bailey at the end of January, and we wanted to give an update. She's doing very well here, snoring away in her bed as I type this. She loves ice cubes and belly scritches, and taking up way too much room in our bed. We got her a brother, too, a younger adult dog named Fritz.  Thy very much enjoy wrestling together, and then plopping on the floor next to each other.

We're so happy to have Bailey in our lives! Thank you so much! We've attached a picture, although this was taken soon after we got her and she now sports a handsome leather collar.

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