Adoption Stories


Naturally every adoption at HHS is cause for celebration, but there are some placements that stand our more than others. One such adoption is Calla, an 8 year old Pointer we selected to transfer to HHS from a high-kill Missouri animal control facility in spite of her having heartworm disease, hookworms, and testing positive for both Lyme disease and Erlichia (tick-transmitted diseases). When originally found, she was also malnourished, full of fleas and ticks, and was so weak she collapsed on the side of the road. She needed us.

We placed Calla in a loving foster home with staff member Kathy Daly, and for 6 weeks she received lots of TLC, nutritious food, and specialized medical care. She gained 10 pounds, too.  

After being back at the shelter and up for adoption for only a few days, a very nice retired couple came in inquiring about another dog, but who was being adopted. They then asked about Calla and were very touched by her sad story and surprisingly were not discouraged by her need for additional long-term medical care or her age. They fell in love upon meeting her and decided to take her home. We could not be any happier or any more proud of our involvement in this sweet girl's rags to riches story and happily ever after ending!


I am writing to let you know how much we love having Steve the guinea pig as part of our family. As staff members at the shelter told us, he is the nicest, most friendly guinea pig ever. He is so tame! He comes out on adventures with us in his guinea pig carrier, watches t.v. with us, sits beside us when we're working on homework... sometimes even nibbling on the homework. (Our kids love the idea of telling their teachers the guinea pig
ate their homework!) 

He's fearless when our big, energetic dog sticks her snout in his cage to say hello. Steve even puts his nose out to greet her in return! With this being our very first guinea pig, we couldn't have hoped for a more sweet, fun-loving guy. Big thanks to Hinsdale Humane Society for taking Steve in and caring for him until we were lucky enough to be able to bring him home with us.


Hi, I’m Sparky and it’s October 23, 2014. I’m settling into my new home with my new friend Ellie, an Australian Sheperd. She sure is big, but we are getting along just fine. It’s been a lot fun exploring my surroundings and the neighborhood when we go for a walk.

My new family has been very patient with me as I’m not fully housebroken yet, but I’m trying real hard to be good. They enjoy playing with me and I’m living up to the title of “goofball” that I had in my visit in Hinsdale. I want to thank the folks at the Hinsdale Humane Society for finding a nice home for me.


Hi, I'm just writing to update you on the 12-week-old, unnamed kitten that my boyfriend and I adopted two weeks ago. We named him Bucky (after the cat in the Get Fuzzy comic strip). He healed well from surgery and adjusted quickly to his new home and we are so happy to have him!! He is very well-behaved and usually pretty calm except for when he gets very hyper right before bedtime. Then he usually calms down and cuddles up next to us in bed. We have wanted a pet for so long and he is perfect for us!


I just wanted to drop you a quick email to update you on a dog you adopted out. I adopted Molly (a black Austrian Cattle Dog mix with burns on her back) from you earlier this summer and just wanted to let you know she is doing well and is all settled into her new home! She is such a sweet girl who loves everyone, especially kids and elderly ladies. While she is not much of a swimmer, she loves going to the dog beach and running up and down shoreline. Molly is the world best listener and I am thankful everyday she is part of my life. Molly and I are so grateful for all the great work you do! Your effort to give dogs a second chance and forever home is important and so appreciated! Thanks again!

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