Adoption Stories


Petey (Maverick) has settled in to his new home nicely. He loves sitting on this perch and watching the birds on our balcony. He was quite skittish when we first brought him home, but we made friends fast with the help of a bag of treats.


This boy, renamed Earnest Worthing, is already king of the bed. He's the best!


It's been almost a year since my son Aidan and I stopped in to adopt Panda. He's doing well, and is quite spoiled in fact. He loves to play and cuddle up. He seems to have learned to "wrestle" in a sense.

His newest thing is to find any type of ball he can carry in his mouth, throw it down the stairs and then run down to carry the ball back up...and then do it all over again. YES, Panda plays catch with himself! (When I get home from work, I have to guess what I'll find at the bottom of the stairs...)

He's doing wonderfully and we adore him. The adoption process was so simple and we can't thank you enough for this wonderful addition to our family!


Bart is doing wonderfully in his new home! His fur has turned soft and silky and he loves to cuddle. He is calm and content...unless he is chasing his older brothers around the house! He finally feels comfortable joining us on the bed, and even wiggles his way under the blankets now. We had no intention of getting a 3rd cat, but Bart stole our hearts. We now can't imagine our home without him....and it hasn't even been 3 months!


Puma is doing well since I adopted him back in August 2013. He has grown to loving his new place and a few toys I have for him. Once I found out he is a tunnel cat, I started buying him those and he LOVES them! He goes in them all the time. He sleeps with me every night and always has his back right up against my chest. When I wake up, he comes up to my face and licks me for a while.

Everyone loves him! Whenever my friends drop by, he always greets them at the door and head butts their legs. He gets lots of pets, cuddles, food, water, and room to stretch out. He’s actually lying on my lap right now as I’m typing this. He is a wonderful cat and I’m really thankful I found him. Or more like we found each other.

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