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Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I hope you’re doing well. Are you watching your weight and your cholesterol? I’ve been a little worried about you lately. I’ve also noticed there’s an amazing lack of snow, so I hope you can land your sleigh to bring presents to all the good little boys and girls, pets and humans!

I might have made your naughty list this year. You know that barking thing seems to get on everyone’s nerves… And I accidently nibbled on a few toes… (It wasn’t really biting, just a natural reflex from being startled!) So I’m not going to ask you for anything for myself. After all, I have enough love to go around and enough kibble in my bowl, so I’m all set. But I’m hoping you’ll bring something special for those I care about.

For the animals here in the shelter (some of them have been here for quite a while!) please find them great homes with people who cherish them forever. That goes for cats, too. I like them, even though they don’t seem to like me. Could you remind them that we prefer purring and kissing, not hissing?!

For our staff and volunteers who do so much to help out around here, please bring them at least one thing on their wish list. They’ve been very good, so they deserve more than just our thanks and praise.

I’ve heard a lot of news reports about people who hurt children, animals or other living breathing creatures. I hope you will make them understand that behavior is NOT acceptable. Please help the vulnerable ones who need protection from harm. That goes for polar bears and reindeer at the North Pole, too.

At this time of year, everyone talks about peace and joy. But sometimes there’s discord and sadness. So for those who are disappointed or disillusioned, unemployed or uninspired, please give them an extra boost of optimism and the confidence that things are going to get better. Likewise, I know folks who are missing loved ones this holiday season. Pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and departed ones who will spend the holiday in heaven instead at the dinner table. Please shower them with love and tidings of comfort and joy.

Then when everyone goes to sleep, rather than visions of sugar plums, could you send them dreams of a brighter tomorrow? 

Thanks for listening, Santa Dear.

Love, Zoe


Thanksgiving is upon us! It really is one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know why some people need an actual day to remind them to be thankful. Being thankful is easy! The animals at the shelter are thankful for the staff members who tend to their needs. The staff members are thankful to the volunteers who give so unselfishly of their time. The people who adopt the dogs and cats from Hinsdale Humane Society are thankful for their new furry family members. It’s just one big, happy THANK YOU after THANK YOU!

I’m thankful all the time. I’m thankful my family feeds me and takes care of me and takes me for walks and lets me sleep in their bed. Mostly, I’m thankful I have a home with people who love me.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve written a little song I’m dedicating to all the previously homeless pets and to all the wonderful people who have adopted them (in the style of the 1915 classic and with apologies to MOTHER).

T is for the TOYS and TREATS you gave me.
H is for the HUGS you give so well.
A is for ADOPTING me and giving me a home.
N is for happy NEW beginnings
K is for KISSES and affection.
S is for SHARING unconditional love.
G, you really GIVE my life new meaning.
I know I’M so lucky to be yours.
V is for taking me to the VETERINARIAN.
I know IT’S really for my own darn good!
N is because I will NEVER ever leave you.
G, it’s GOOD to finally finish my song.

Put them all together they spell Thanksgiving, a word that means the world to me.
Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. Which is what I am doing now.
Thank you, thank you for the LOVE you gave me.
Don’t you think that word should have an “L”?
I love you. I thank you. You’re so swell.
Put them altogether they spell Thanksgiving.
Wishing you a Happy one as well!

Until next time.
Love, Zoe


Halloween is coming up again. Didn’t we just have that holiday last October? Perhaps you know Halloween is not my favorite holiday. In fact, I kind of hate it. And when I say hate, I mean I detest and despise it with the most sincere sense of disgust possible.

So these are my top 5 reasons for my general aversion to all things Halloween.

1. Chocolate: It smells good and no one will let me have any. Why don’t you hand out little packages of cheese to all the trick or treaters so I can have some?

2. Costumes: Little kids should not be running around looking like things they are not. Once a zombie with an axe sticking out of his head stopped by and it really freaked me out!

3. Doorbells: Ring. Ring. Ring. Bark. Bark. Bark. It gets a little old after awhile!

4. Jack-o-lanterns: Putting candles inside of carved pumpkins is strange. Don’t you know that more home fires start from candles than from cooking? And those abnormal flickering jack-o-lantern faces give me the heebie-jeebies. Enough said!

5. Creepy things in the dark: Some of those decorations I see on my walk are just plain weird. The other day I saw a human skeleton walking a dog skeleton. For a second there, I thought we should call the police and report a double murder.

I have a new plan for coping with Halloween this year. I’m going to hide in the basement for about a week and then come out on November 1. In the meantime, I wrote a little poem so you can understand Halloween from this frightened little dog’s perspective. (Don’t you dare call me a scaredy cat!)

Halloween night gave me such a fright.
I stayed in my bed and covered my head.
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Won’t you just leave and say goodbye?

Let’s all just hide and then pretend
This Halloween thing is going to end.
Zombies and mummies and ghosts, oh dear!
You’re scaring me crazy and hurting my ear!

For Halloween was never intended for dogs,
Cats or ferrets, birds or frogs.
Witches and caldrons and brooms, oh, no!
Can’t stand it any longer. You’ve got to go!

Give me some quiet. Leave me in peace.
The onslaught of characters has got to cease
Prisoners, princesses and pirates. Oh, drat!
It all makes me wish I was a cat!

Love, Zoe

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