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Zoe’s Dog Blog

Doggie Vacation

When my mom and dad leave town, I usually get to go along. They pack up all my “stuff” including food, toys, gates and my bed and off we go for an adventure! Sometimes we stay in dog friendly hotels. Sometimes I get to go to stay with family and friends. It is “oh-so-much-fun” to see new places, smell new smells and meet pets and people I’ve never seen before.

But sometimes I hear “doggies aren’t allowed to go to weddings” or “doggies are prohibited from certain places” and they make me stay at home. Even when I put on my sad puppy dog eyes and mope around the house, they don’t give in to the guilt trip. So they send in the dog sitter. I stay at home and someone wonderful and responsible takes care of me.

I don’t know why they call her the dog sitter, because she NEVER sits! We are off on wild adventures around the neighborhood. I actually get more walks with the dog sitter than my lazy pet parents ever manage. Mom and dad take the SAME OLD path every day. Down to the corner, around the loop, past the church and then back home. But I can convince the dog sitter to go just about anywhere. Our escapades lead to play parks and unexplored streets. Once a little girl ran into her house and brought me a cookie, just because I’m cute and irresistible and she’d never met me before!

The dog sitter worries that I’m home all alone for long stretches of time, so she brings me new toys or she leaves the radio on. Hello? Mom and Dad? How come you never do anything special like that for me? The dog sitter rubs my belly and combs my fur. She tells me I’m beautiful. When mom combs my fur, she asks me where I’ve been and why I’m so dirty. Do you see a pattern here? The dog sitter is delightful and attentive while my pet parents just take me for granted.

Some of my doggie friends don’t have dog sitters. They go to doggie resorts where there are play groups, private rooms with televisions and spa services. Pooches get treated like princes and princesses. Some of those dogs are asking, “When are my pet parents leaving so I can experience the lap of luxury?” Kitties get treated extravagantly, too. Although the cats I know expect that sort of thing because they think they are royalty.

Did you know the dogs and cats at the shelter get the royal treatment, too? They have special beds, toys and treats. The adult cats stay in kitty condos and the dogs get walked by volunteers several times a day. They have calming music, soft blankets, nutritious food and lots of TLC until they find their forever homes. OK, so it’s not the Taj Mahal, but it’s pretty close!

For the pets who do live in homes, sometimes your people will need to leave the house. And that’s OK, too, if you follow these simple steps. First of all, if your family decides to leave you behind for vacation this year, pretend to act annoyed, pathetic and heartbroken. You’ll get extra treats that way. Then enjoy the time you have with your pet sitter or pet resort. Lap up all the extra attention. Relish all the special play time or extra walks or whatever guilt-ridden appeasements are showered upon you. When your pet parents get home, fake being upset. That way, maybe the next time they will either take you with them… or spring for the deluxe suite complete with tuck in service and a private butler.

For pets and the people who love them, I hope you all enjoy your vacations this summer!

Until next time,
Love Zoe

In Honor of Adopt a Cat Month

(Zoe missed her deadline, so please enjoy this repeated blog from 2012.)

Have you ever heard of these things called cats? They are sort of like dogs since they have fur and a tail…but I have found that they really aren’t like dogs at all!

At the Hinsdale Humane Society, we have cats seemingly everywhere…some are in their cages, while others are lounging in extra rooms, the lobby, behind the scenes and in foster care. If we had woodwork, they’d probably be crawling out of there, too! They are secretly trying to take over the shelter.

It’s a result of something called kitten season, which hardly seems fair, since I’ve never heard of puppy season. Basically, lots and lots of kittens are being born. People find them under their deck, in the woodpile, hiding in corners of their garage, etc. And people don’t know what to do with them because if you keep too many felines, you become a crazy cat lady or a goofy guy with a gazillion tabbies.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If cats are spayed or neutered and kept indoors, then there wouldn’t be an influx of kittens. I don’t exactly understand how that works, since no one has ever bothered to explain this “sex education” thing to me. But trust me, there’s a cause and effect occurrence somewhere.

I have found that cats and their darling little offspring look cute and adorable. You might think they are peaceful and almost Zen-like. They look that way, but it’s all an act. They think they are better than the rest of us. In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped like gods and they have never forgotten this.

So they look at dogs with disdain. They arch their backs and puff themselves up. They have sharp, pointy weapons on the ends of their paws and they aren’t afraid to use them!

Do you know what else drives me nuts about cats? They secretly like running their purr motors to make humans happy and to make dogs jealous. (Yes, I admit, I have purr envy!)

Then they wrap humans around their little paws with clever manipulation. My brother adopted a new cat and she won’t eat unless he’s in the room with her. I don’t think your kitty is going to starve herself, dearie pie. It’s all part of her mind control games. Before you know it, she’ll be eating kitty caviar from a silver spoon and ordering jewelry on EBay while you work like a dog to support her!

I personally don’t want a cat for myself since I’m not willing to share my family with anyone else. But I’ve heard that some people really like cats. Maybe you’d consider adding a forlorn feline to your family? Because even though cats are snooty, uppity little creatures to humans and dogs alike, I suppose they really need loving, caring homes, too. At least until they figure out how to operate the can opener and change their own litter boxes.

Love, Zoe

PS: Remember adopt, don’t shop!

Blackhawks Fever!

No it’s not a newly discovered disease for birds. It just seems that everyone loves the Blackhawks these days. And what’s NOT to love…

After all, they are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. And it’s really exciting to watch hockey. The guys skate really fast and that puck thing flies all over the place.

But my mom isn’t very good at watching hockey. She doesn’t understand icing, unless it’s on a cupcake.

We’ve been watching lots of Blackhawks Hockey as they make their playoff run. But some of it just doesn’t make any sense because hockey has its own kind of lingo.

The puck is sometimes called a biscuit, which seems kind of weird. But I like biscuits, especially DOG biscuits, so this hockey stuff seems alright to me.

Then there’s high-sticking which should mean holding a stick over your head before you throw it for a game of fetch, but alas, no. It has something to do with hitting an opponent with your stick and then you get a penalty. It’s kind of like sitting a preschooler in the naughty chair for time out.

When the Blackhawks “light the lamp” or score a goal, the fog horn blasts and the crowd goes wild! They cheer and dance and wiggle their tushies to a song called Chelsea Dagger which goes like this: Do do do doing do do doot!

Not exactly the kind of doing doo doo I’m used to hearing about.

The Blackhawks players aren’t only great athletes, they are also have great nicknames. Jonathon Toews (AKA Tazer) is French Canadian. OOO la la and OH cha cha! Corey Crawford is Crawesome and then there are all the animal nicknames: Hoss, Seabsie Seabiscuit, Sled Dog.

Bryan Bickell is my favorite player because he formed his own charity called The Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation. Their mission is creating awareness for Pit Bulls and working with these dogs to assist abused children. Bryan is against breed discrimination. And he rescues dogs. And he helps vulnerable children. (Everyone let out a collective “AHHHH” now.) If you want to know more, here’s his link http://www.bickellfoundation.org/. And don’t you dare call me a Puck Bunny. I admire the guy for his dedication to animals and humans.

Mr. Quenneville, better known as Coach Q, lives right here in Hinsdale. The people I know who know Coach Q say he’s a great guy and he loves dogs. He has stopped by the shelter before and he even helped us raise some money to care for our homeless animals by donating a personally signed jersey. That makes Coach Q AOK in my book.

I can hardly wait to hear those familiar words: Hawks win! Hawks win! Hawks win! Good luck on your playoff run, Blackhawks. It would be great to see the Stanley Cup around Hinsdale again this year. And perhaps you could bring it by the shelter so a few of the homeless dogs and cats could see it, too.

Go Hawks!
Love, Zoe

PS: Believe it or not, writing my dog blog isn’t that easy. I have to hit my word count, meet my deadline and please my editor. “Sure you can write about the Blackhawks,” she says. “But how are you going to talk about shelter pets?” Looks like I did it, huh Smarty Pants!

Photos courtesy of Bick’s Pits

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