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Requiem to dogs and cats everywhere

I’m sad today. Because I just found out that one of our special pet therapy dogs passed away yesterday.

Diva could walk into a room and intuitively know who needed a friendly visit or a furry shoulder to cry on. Some people say Diva had an “inter-species knowledge of emotional communication.” I think that’s a bunch of gobbledy-gook that means she’s extra special. Diva spent lots of time with nursing home residents. She would do special tricks to cheer people. Some folks say she’s now an angel with fur.

It is wonderful to know that goodness, kindness and compassion were created in the form of furry friends who ease life’s burdens. We provide you with wags and purrs and kisses. Our antics supply smiles to brighten your day. Pets give much love and are loved greatly in return.

So it is no wonder that hearts are broken when a beloved pet passes away.

I honestly don’t know how to comprehend my own future mortality. But statistics tell me that I’ll live to be about 12-14 years old. So unless my mom and dad die in a catastrophic accident, they are probably going to outlive me. Your humans are almost certainly going to outlive you, too. Which brings us to a conundrum. (I love that word. It’s a riddle or a puzzle.) Why risk loving at all when a broken heart is almost certain to follow?

It’s as simple as this: Because the rewards outweigh the risks. There are people whose job it is to sit around and figure out if bad things are going to happen. They call themselves risk-managers.

You don’t climb out of a plane without a parachute. That would be especially stupid. You don’t jump the fence at the zoo to pet the lions. You might get arrested. Or become dinner. Those risks aren’t worth it.

But loving a special furry angel? That’s a no-brainer. Because every moment of every day, pets pass on our love and devotion to you. You are worthy. You are adored. Your heart stretches to make room for those feelings of joy tinged with sadness. Because one day when we cannot carry on, we will leave… still full of goodness, kindness and compassion.

So to all the humans out there who grieve the loss of a beloved furry companion, I send my most sincere sympathy. Your pet will be forever loved, cherished and missed…

And waiting for you in the vision of heaven called the Rainbow Bridge. We’ll see you on the other side.

Hugs and Doggie Kisses,
Zoe, speaking on behalf of all the furry angels

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s a day to love and be loved! But, oh! The pressure! What gift can I get my love to express the depth of my feelings? Here’s a short piece of advice from me, a small simple pet: Don’t forget the chocolate, the flowers, some jewelry, a card… or any combination of the above.

“How do I Love thee? Let me count the ways...” Nah. I’m not the sentimental type. My poems are more like: Roses are red. Violets are blue. I ate something yucky and threw up in your shoe.
If you really want to make it a Valentine’s Day to remember, make your loved one laugh. Frank Sinatra sang it best:

My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favorite work of art

But don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little valentine stay
Each day is Valentine’s Day!

Doesn’t this describe a day with your pet? My job is to make you laugh. Yes, I’m your funny valentine! I show my love through cuteness of character. You know how I like to roll over on my back for tummy rubs? Never mind how I accidently flop myself off the couch. Maybe I did that on purpose just to make you laugh. You think it’s funny when the static electricity builds up and my fur stands on end like a shaggy beach ball. Frank said I shouldn’t change a hair…

And you like it when I get “the wilds” and run laps in the living room like a maniac. I didn’t break anything when I accidently crashed into the coffee table. Although, come to think of it, I did give myself a headache. There’s a whole website where people post photos of their dogs with signs saying the funny things they did. You know the usual… drinking from the toilet, attacking the toilet paper, hoarding underwear, eating markers and pooping rainbows. (Notice I used the word FUNNY, not NAUGHTY!) Just  Google “dog shaming” and let the laughter begin. I haven’t committed any of THOSE atrocities… except maybe the underwear thing…

I know cats who like to turn on water faucets for a drink. Seems like they can’t remember to turn them off, though. You know that’s rather charming, even if it is annoying.

I like to laugh at you, too. Mom, how many times a day do you lose your keys/phone/purse/gloves? Dad, when are you going to learn that I’m going to try to eat your socks whenever you try to put them on? You might as well stop trying to hide from me. All those little quirky things you do are very endearing to me. You make me smile with my heart.

And just so you know, laughter is good medicine. People who don’t take life too seriously are actually healthier (and happier, of course!) Doctors say that laughter is good for your heart. Which brings me back to Valentine’s Day. Stay, Little Valentine, stay. Make every day Valentine’s Day!

Tell people you love them. Hang out with people and pets who make you smile. Laugh along when things go awry. Make a silly face or tell a joke.

Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive you!

Until next time,
Love, Zoe

PS: One more. Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Pooch. Pooch who? Pooch your arms around me, Sweetie!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

In case you haven’t noticed… it’s cold outside! It’s colder than an icicle in the Antarctic. It’s colder than the inside of your freezer. It’s colder than slushies that give you brain freeze. You get the picture.

The other day, dad tried to take me for a walk. I usually love walks, but it was below zero. So I stepped off the corner of the welcome mat, used the sidewalk and then proceeded to go back inside. The whole “walk” took about 30 seconds. Now that is what I call getting down to business!

I personally do not like the cold. I have Frigophobia. It’s not the fear of refrigerators. Although I do get a little freaked out when the ice cubes drop and make all that noise. No. Frigophobia is the fear of cold things. Fear of ice balls in my arm pits. Fear of frozen foot pads. Mainly I have the fear of freezing my hind end when I have to go potty. You try filling your toilet bowl with ice cubes and then sitting down… I think the sensation would be similar!

One of my doggie friends improvised by using the kitchen rug. Seems like a perfect compromise. She doesn’t freeze her tush and the solid matter can be flushed and the rug thrown in the wash. Let’s just say her people were not impressed with her ingenuity!

I’m begging you. Please take good care of us when the temperatures are so frigid. Pets should not be left outdoors unprotected. Period. End of story. (The same thing goes for homeless people, too.)

Last week mom got a phone call at the shelter that made her cry. A concerned citizen had found a kitty half frozen in the snow and cold. The kitty was brought to the emergency vet. But even gentle warming and IV fluids weren’t enough… and the kitty passed away. This was someone’s pet. He had a microchip and a vaccination record. So why wasn’t he inside, at home, where he belonged? We’ve had kitties brought to the shelter with frostbitten ears and tails, too. They survived, but with great suffering. They might hide under bushes or decks, but that just isn’t enough protection from the ice and snow.

It just makes me sad. So I implore you to please take good care of your pets. Be especially careful when it’s so cold and the wind chills are dangerous. We have our fur coats to protect us a little from the cold, but we need you to keep us safe. Watch for salt on the roadways and sidewalks. It irritates our feet. Shovel off a spot on the grass for those of us who have short little legs. Let us wear a sweater and take us for very short walks. Then wipe our paws. If we lick them, the chemical ice melts might make us sick.

After my shortest walk on record, I snuggled with my mom. I kept her warm and she rubbed my tummy. She said a little prayer for all the pets who need protection from the cold. We were both happy… until she refused to share her hot cocoa. Something about chocolate not being good for doggies. Is she being a good pet parent or a selfish human? I can’t decide.

Until next time,
Love, Zoe

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