Foster Care Program

Foster Care Program

Why Do We Foster Animals?

Like most animal shelters, the Hinsdale Humane Society is overrun with homeless animals each year, especially during the summer months. Among these animals are pregnant cats and dogs, orphaned kittens and puppies, and nursing cats and dogs with un-weaned litters. Foster care provides these special-needs animals with an atmosphere where they can thrive away from the stress of the shelter environment. Because of this invaluable program and it's dedicated, caring volunteers, these animals who otherwise might not be adopted, are able to find loving, lifelong homes.

"Most of my life, I can honestly say I was a tin man. You want to see unconditional love? Foster. It's an unbelievable experience - it gave me heart."
Kevin Irving,
HHS Foster

How to Become a Foster Volunteer:

Please complete a Foster Home Application and Foster Care Agreement (links at bottom of page) and email to or fax to 630-318-7930. You will be required to attend a foster home orientation, given by the Operations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. As soon as an orientation is scheduled, you will be contacted and informed of the date and time.  Upon completion of the orientation and your approval as a Foster Home Parent, you will be required to pay an annual $25 Illinois Department of Agriculture licensing fee. (This is done through Hinsdale Humane Society). You will receive a Foster Care Folder and be asked to sign a Foster Care Agreement.

When we have an animal(s) that we feel would benefit from fostering, you will be contacted and given specifics regarding the animal(s), the estimated amount of time it will need to be fostered, and the necessary care it is to receive. If you are able to foster the animal(s), a time will be arranged for you to pick the animal up from the Shelter along with instructions for its care.

DuncanHinsdale Humane Society will provide you with all the necessary food, equipment, and medication (if required) you will need while the foster animal(s) is in your care.   All you will need to provide is the TLC.

You may be asked to return the animal(s) to the shelter periodically for routine vaccinations, weight checks, and de-wormings, as needed.


Rewards of Being a Foster Parent

Although fostering takes a great deal of time and commitment, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You are temporarily providing a needy animal with a loving home environment and helping that animal become more suitable for adoption into a responsible, lifelong home.

Are you ready to foster?

Click on the links below to read frequently asked questions regarding fostering.  This may help you determine if you are ready to be a foster parent. You can also review the Canine and Feline applications. Additional questions?  Email or call 630-323-5637.

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