HHS and Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


What we’re doing.
Our hearts are with Texas and the trauma being endured there. While we’ve sent crates, beds, blankets, towels and other supplies with rescue groups heading there, we’ll also be opening our doors to help those animals in need.

Our understanding of how rescue efforts will be handled for animals in peril is that first responders rescue, photograph and ID the animals (if possible), and provide any medical attention. The animals then go to temporary shelters within a certain radius. Each county will have a governmental body that keeps track of where they are for a specified period of time. Websites will be set up for families to help them claim their lost pets. If they are not claimed within a certain timeframe, they will be sourced into rescue organizations.

Our partner, Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), will be taking in dogs already in Texas shelters and transferring them to placement partners like us, in order to make space to house pets displaced by the hurricane.

The No Pet Left Behind program we teach, helps pet owners know what to do during an emergency. The PETS Act ensures that state and local emergency operational plans address the needs of individuals with household pets following a major disaster or emergency.
What you can do.

Our understanding is that the best thing for friends of our shelter to do is to donate to shelters in Southeast Texas. Donating to the HSUS allows them to continue their massive rescue efforts.

Adopting always helps since it makes more room in our shelter so we can help more animals in need. Fostering is needed more than ever at a time like this when so many animals will be in need of special, temporary care. Volunteering at our shelter is another great way to help as we take in animals already in Texas shelters, to make room for displaced hurricane pets.

Thank you for your concern and help for the families in Texas. Our hearts go out to them during this tragedy.