Summer Camp - Social Distance Style!



HHS’ Together-Apart Tented Campgrounds

How can we be as safe as possible, maintain social-distancing, adhere to government guidelines, and enjoy a fun summer camp experience during a pandemic?  By attending camp in our new Together-Apart Tented Campgrounds, where each camper…

  • Has their own assigned 5x7ft airy camp tent, under shade, set apart and yet within hearing and seeing distance of other campers and camp educators (1 tent per camper per week)
  • Has their own camp supplies, for their own use all week (no shared materials)
  • And all staff/guests must wear masks when inside the PRRC or anytime they are outside and less than 6ft apart from others
  • Can enjoy mask-free time outdoors within their own tent or outside and 6 or more feet away from others
  • Will learn and practice safety precautions and health conscious hygiene habits
  • And each camp family will follow no-contact curbside camper drop-off and pick-up procedures and keep camper home if camper or anyone in camper’s family shows any sign of illness

Camp Details:

All campers will learn pet care basics, build adaptation skills, discuss resilience, play social-distancing games, learn about the spread, treatment and prevention of cat, dog and human diseases including FVR, Kennel Cough, and COVID-19, and enjoy hands-on time interacting with pets within a safe, welcoming, together-apart camp setting. 

  • 8 Camper Max (min. 6) each session, 2 Adult Educators per session (Ratio 4:1)
  • Each Camp meets for 2 hours per day, 4 days a week TUES-FRI
  • Camp meets outdoors in our Campground at the PRRC, except for inclement weather
  • If weather requires indoor camp time, each camper will have their own designated space safely together-apart from others.  Masks are required during all inside time


Designed for ages 6-8 years - Great for Pet Care or Animal Adventure Campers. Camp covers Basic Dog and Cat Care, Shared Human & Pet Needs, Dog & Cat Body Language, and Responsible Pet Ownership.  Daily Games and Crafts. Camp Fee $150

  • Session 1 TUE-FRI 6/23-6/26 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 2 TUE-FRI 6/30-7/3 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 3 TUE-FRI 7/14-7/17 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 4 TUE-FRI 7/21-7/24 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 5 TUE-FRI 8/11-8/14 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 6 TUE-FRI 8/18-8/21 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT


Designed for ages 9-12 years - Great for Animal Adventure or Animal Career Campers. Camp covers Advanced Dog and Cat Care including Safe/Unsafe Toys & Foods, Common Household Dangers, Mini-Lessons on Pet First Aid Basics, Intro to Positive Dog Training Techniques, and Everyday Grooming Tips. Camp includes an overview of animal related careers.  Camp Fee $150

  • Session 1  TUE-FRI 6/23-6/26 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 2  TUE-FRI 6/30-7/3 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 3  TUE-FRI 7/7-7/10 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 4  TUE-FRI 7/7-7/10 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 5  TUE-FRI 7/14-7/17 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 6  TUE-FRI 7/21-7/24 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 7  TUE-FRI 7/28-7/31 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 8  TUE-FRI 7/28-7/31 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 9  TUE-FRI 8/4-8/7 9:30-11:30AM SOLD OUT
  • Session 10 TUE-FRI 8/4-8/7 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 11 TUE-FRI 8/11-8/14 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT
  • Session 12 TUE-FRI 8/18-8/21 1:00-3:00PM SOLD OUT

2020 Camp Refund Policy for New Camp Options:

Fully Refundable and Prorated Refunds available if camp is cancelled by HHS for any reason, or if camper must withdraw due to camper or camper family illness.  

*Our very popular Pet Care, Animal Adventures, Animal Careers, and Animal Advocates Camps are suspended for 2020, with an anticipated return in 2021*