Basketball, Clicklets and Doing Good


In the spirit of the NCAA Sweet 16 basketball games that will be played this weekend, Great Hearts Initiatives™ will host a special Giver’s Choice Award. The event will start on Thursday, 10:00 am Central, and end on Sunday at midnight. There will be 6,000 clicklets ($6,000) available plus $2,500 in awards to the “Final Four”. Each clicklet Hinsdale Humane Society receives is worth $1 in unrestricted funding.
Here’s how it works:

  • Starting on Thursday March 23, you will receive 10 award clicklets in your Great Hearts Community wallet. 
  • Throughout the weekend you will be able to give your award clicklets to HHS.
  • At midnight Sunday, or when 6,000 award clicklets have been given, the event is over. HHS receives an unrestricted contribution based on the number of award clickets received. For example: 1,000 award clicklets = $1,000 unrestricted grant from sponsor governWell.
  • The 4 organizations that receive the most award clicklets will share 2,500 bonus clicklets!
    • 1st: 1000 clicklets = $1,000
    • 2nd : 500 clicklets = $500
    • 3rd: 500 clicklets = $500
    • 4th: 500 clicklets = $500

We appreciate governWell™, who is the sponsor being honored for this special Giver's Choice Award. 

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