Adoption Stories



We adopted Reggie (formerly Landry) in March 2018. We brought him home from HHS on antibiotics as it was thought that he had kennel cough. We took him to the vet the next day to be checked out. It was determined that he actually had pneumonia. His condition worsened and he had to be hospitalized. HHS took full responsibility for this boy and took him to their vet. Reggie spent one night in the hospital and was delivered back to us by Kym from HHS. We nursed him back to health and today have a wonderful, loving boy who wants nothing more than to please us.

We have always had pedigree dogs and now have a new love for rescues. We did a DNA test on Reggie and found that he is labrador retriever, border collie, german shepherd and plott hound. He is the best boy and we love him dearly!