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As matilda


It was truly by divine intervention that we received our darling Matilda.  Her picture was posted on the bulletin board at Indian Prairie Library as the "featured pet" up for adoption at the Hinsdale Humane Society.  I was constantly drawn to her picture and the written biography that went along with it.  My kind-hearted husband said he would go "just to look at her." 

Needless to say, she was home with us that same day.  Matilda is just a wonderful, fun-loving girl.  She daily provides entertainment to the whole family, including her sister Libby, who was also adopted from the HHS.  We just absolutely love her so so much.  Thank you for taking care of Matilda until she found her forever home.

Elizabeth S.


Hank & Ty

I just wanted to send you an update on our wonderful kittens that we adopted one week ago.  They didn't have "shelter" names, but the kids have named them Hank (the striped guy) and Ty (the gray guy).

They adjusted wonderfully after coming home from the Elmhurst Animal Hospital.  They are eating well, using the litter box, playing tons and being very lovable.  Hank loves being held any time of day, he's real lover.  Ty is too busy exploring and playing to be held during the day, but likes to snuggle at night. 

We've already taken over 100 pictures of them, so it was hard to pick just a few shots.  We hope you enjoy.

Thank you for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to adopt such amazing additions to our family.  We lost our beloved cat, Killian, in December and we've really missed having pets.  Hank & Ty were the perfect addition at the perfect time. We hope their sisters have found loving homes, too.  

Kellie, Todd,
Colin, Brooke,
Hank & Ty Johnson



I just want to let you know we adopted a Golden Retriver in 1999 from you. She was the most joy in my life and we had to put her down on June 4 and we 2012.  We knew her birthday was May 30 1998 because you had those records. The vet was suprised how soft and young she still looked.  We knew she had Kidney disease and neuropathy since October 2011 but it seem like it happen so fast she will always be in our hearts.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful girl I was allowed to adopt from your facility. My husband and I are too sad right now to adopt but I am sure as we will heal and l eventually save more canines.

Gregory and Vera Ellen Comerford, CPC



My family adopted Sobe (female black lab) from Hinsdale Humane in the summer of 2004 when she was 1 year old. All they told us at the time was she was a rescue from Indiana and other than that, her past was a mystery. Sobe had to learn what living in a house was all about and basic skills like going down stairs were a challenge in the beginning. But since being welcomed into our home, Sobe has taken my title as the "baby" of the family and lives up to it all the time. When she's not taking casual puppy snoozes on the couch, she loves going on walks in the forest preserve by our house, going on car rides, and getting spoiled by her family. Everyone who meets Sobe is instantly taken by her charm and puppy energy, even at the age of 8 she has a love about her that is unlike anything I've ever experienced (you can't miss her signs of affection when the 75 lb "baby" sits on your lap). She was truly the missing puzzle piece our family needed and continues to be a valuable member of the Sandilands family!

Best,  Megan Sandilands



I just wanted to send an update as it has been nearly 3 weeks since Kaylee came home.  I'm happy to report that she is now a full member of the family and has even doubled in size!  She is a little cuddle bug and a terror bug to her older siblings and parents.  It is so fun watching her play with the other cats and stalk both them and us across the house.  She is so playful, and is enjoying the multitude of toys in the house.  She is also very adventurous and has found almost every area of the house she could possible explore.

The best part about Kaylee is how loving she is.  She loves to sleep in my arms like a new born baby and will come up meowing at my feet for love.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in adopting Kaylee and let you know she is doing great.  She has brought so much love, joy and laughter to our home.  It's hard to imagine life without her as our love for her is so great.  We've gone from the perfect trio to a wonderful quartet.

Thank you so much again,
Jessie Rezba



I adopted my beloved JoJo from HHS over 13 years ago when he was 8 years old.  I recently had to bid him a teary farewell at age 21 because he was in failing health.  He was the only cat I ever had and was such a joy!  He moved in to join me and my dog Maggie, also from HHS, and we all had a wonderful life together.  (Maggie died at age 18 four years ago.)  JoJo moved with me to new homes twice, most recently to Colorado, and always adjusted beautifully without a bit of trouble.  He loved visitors and my three boistrous grandsons and would get up on the sofa to sit next to (or on) anyone he took a liking to.  He is very much missed, but I often think about how wonderful it is that HHS is there to provide a temporary home for even older animals until new, permanent homes can be found.  Thank you for your continued good work on behalf of the animals.

Diana Aldridge
Evergreen, Colorado

Former HHS Executive Director

Libby aloof


In her cage she gave the impression of wanting to be left alone but my wife was drawn to her.  We adopted Libby at the end of October (named Liberty by HHS) being told by the staff she was friendly.  She didn’t show herself as very friendly until she adopted us (adoption needs to be done by both animal and human).  She has shown herself to be more affectionate and talkative than any cat I have ever been around.  Brian S.



This is our dog Jax or as we called him our "Bebe". We adopted him from your shelter in August of 1998 he was originally named Razor. He was a Golden Retriever/Chow Mix & was approx 8 months old.

We are writing you to thank you for almost 14 years with our little boy. He passed away in July 24, 2011 in my husband's arms & in his home he loved & grew up in. We had many family camping trips together, he loved the outdoors & the water! He was blessed to have a sister also rescued for 8 yrs that also just passed, they shared many great times together & are now together in Heaven on the Rainbow Bridge where we hope to one day see them again.

Jax brought kisses, unconditional love & many memories to our lives & home. He was full of attitude, personality & kindness. He can never be replaced he was priceless! As anyone knows that is blessed to own a pet they are more then an animal, they are a family member. He will forever be remembered & loved.

We thank you for rescueing Jax & for the time we had with our sweet little boy!    God Bless Our " Bebe" boy Jax!  Mike & Cathy Chilton, Lyons, IL

Riley (timmy)


Hi everyone, we just adopted Timmy. We have changed his name to Riley and we just love him! He is the sweetest dog and so lovable. We spent the day sun bathing, running through the backyard, and going for walks in the neighborhood. After all the fresh air, we settled him down with a warm bath, and a comfy bed in his crate. He is the perfect sized, perfect personality for our home and we thank you for all of your help! We will contact you again soon with all of his medical information. We just love him to pieces! Thanks again, The Allen family

Princess pearl


I adopted 2 year old Pearl from Hindsdale in June. Just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone there as she has been such a joy! She and my older cat Jack Sparrow get along well like brother and sister. They still have their spats but they also chase each other around and play hide and seek and certainly keep each other occupied!

Here are a few photos!

Deanna Catalano

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